Happy Doctor
Excellent service, clean Covid responsible. Was in and out for Covid test in 20 minutes. Highly recommend
stephen f.
I was in an out in under 30 mins! Loved it!
Dana L.
MD NOW Downtown Fort Lauderdale is one of the cleanest, caring and fast servicing urgent care place in town.
Alejandro L.
Dr Chidiac was great staff were very friendly and professional
Adam K.
I walked into clinic after work and was feeling very ill. I was seen reasonably quickly and everyone in the clinic was very warm and welcoming. The doctor sat with me and we discussed treatment and within a few minutes I was on my way home and had a prescription waiting for me at the pharmacy. So much more convenient than waiting for an appointment at my doctors office.
Leslie U.
I came in today to do a standard drug screening for my new job. Unfortunately, I realized I left my phone in my car after I’d already signed their policy, which states that I cannot leave the building until I have completed the screening. To make matters worse, I really needed my phone to communicate with my current employer that I would be in later than expected because there was a wait. I asked a young lady if there were any way possible that I could retrieve my phone from my car but she informed me that it wasn’t allowed and she didn’t want me to risk losing my new job opportunity. She was very sweet about it and I understood because a policy is a policy. Five or ten minutes later, she comes to me offering to go to my car and get my phone because she felt bad. She looks for it and we both come to the realization that I left it home. She tells me that I can have my boss call the office and she’ll confirm my whereabouts. She went above and beyond for me. I wish I had her name so that I could let her know just how much I appreciated everything she did this morning. Hopefully, she’ll see this. <3 Everyone there was very pleasant. The service was swift and impeccable.
Brittney .
Kind, compassionate and professional staff and doctors. Highly recommend this location.
Amy B.
Everyone was very friendly and the service was fast
Jennifer F.
I want to thank Sylvia with a “y” for all the help provide to me today at this location. Thank you Dr. Shan and Staff.
Guillermo G.
Clean, friendly and I was in and out, in no time! Thank you!
P P.
Great experience! I love that I didn’t have to wait more than 3 minutes to be seen! The staff here are friendly and courteous. I didn’t feel rushed and they took their time to ensure I received proper care. I’ll definitely come again when the time comes. Great job MD Now!
Courtney G.
Great experience! I unfortunately didn’t take down everyone’s name, but the staff from today July, 16th 2021 at 5pm was awesome! The Doctor, nurse and receptionist all provided exceptional service! Highly recommend this location.
Thais B.
I have to say Tiffany Bateman is the best I had to have stuff done to start my nursing program and she made everything go so smoothly took her time to make sure everything was correct even when the school messed up I will only go to this clinic now this clinic is highly recommended and the doctor Nicole is amazing
roger b.