Happy 4th of July

All MD Now urgent care locations will be open on July 4th
from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Have a safe holiday!

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Happy Doctor
I had ran out of medicine and needed desperately. (antidepressants).. My PCP for some reason quit the practice without warning. And I needed medicine. They were friendly and caring and sent a prescription to Pubix for me.. I am so thankful
Brenda H.
Excellent care. While you wait there’s free water to hydrate you. I only had to wait 15 mins tops in the waiting area. Once in the room I only waited 5 mins and the Dr. and nurse were very attentive and friendly. I would recommend this place.
TJPlays G.
Fell this morning as I went for a walk. My hand was very swollen and I feared I broke something. They saw me in less than 15 minutos. My nurse was amazing. Gave me x-rays. Great news! No broken bones, but they immobilized my hand for faster healing. Doctor even cleaned and covered my skinned knee. Out of there in less than 1 hour! Thanks!
Raquel R.
Excellent care and very professional
Glen D.
Fast and professional!
Suzanne A.
We are travelling from Australia and we’re pleasantly surprised how quick and easy it was to see the Doctor at this centre. There was a short wait as waiting room was full when we arrived but the Doctor was excellent. Diagnosed my husband in minutes and provided full explanation of cause, symptoms and treatment for his unexpected pneumonia. I have worked in Specialist Medical Practices and hospitals in Sydney,Australia for 25yrs and have experienced all levels of care and can thoroughly recommend this Centre.
II recently went to MD Now in Hallandale and i was very impress with their service. The staff was friendly, efficient and the Dr saw me within 10 min. They also have great technology that makes the experience very smooth.
Lourdes G.
Great care at this MD Now. Staff is really nice.
Leah D.
Very fast very clean. Workers were very polite
Rafael C.
I have seen Dr. Mushtaq before and he's always so kind and thorough and never makes you feel rushed. I wish he was a primary care doctor! I've never seen a doctor that genuinely cares for his patients like he does. I’ve had to come to this office a few times since it’s right by my work during times when I can’t get off to see my primary care doctor. I’ve never had anything short of a great experience here. I am not a fan of ever going to the doctor (like most) but the entire staff here is very kind, efficient, and professional and make you feel comfortable. Specifically, the nurse (Libby) was also very helpful and made such a great effort to make sure I was comfortable and didn’t have any further questions after my visit. They all really take great care of their patients! Thank you Lighthouse Point MD Now! :)
Mia C.
It was a wait but Dr. and medical staff were accommodating. They gave me several options for treatment. They gave me a note for work and educated me before I left.
Alyssa M.
I liked my doctor, she was nice, so where the nurses.
the-earth-whitchling !.
Thank You for being so kind.Dr.and nurse very efficient.
Bob b.