Happy Doctor
After days unable to get in person care, after 2 weeks of headaches and dizziness with no medical care I was able to see a doc at MD now, the office was efficient, responsible with PPE and social distancing measures and the doc was knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I am grateful beyond words for the care received. I left with peace of mind and a good treatment. Thank you.
Rayny R.
I have to say that Dr. Enriquez is one of the best provider MD Now has!! She is very professional and skilled. I have difficult veins and she had no problems finding one. My experience with her and the clinic was excellent. Will definitely come back and advise others of the good service!!
Maria N.
Great staff, clean, fast. Very thorough with the exam. I have gone several time in the last 3 years. Never disappointed.
Gail S.
I had an appointment at 10:20 this morning for a Covid-19 test. I arrived at 10:12, walked in and they took all my information. They asked me to wait outside for someone to bring me in. About 2 minutes later, they took me in, took my temperature, and used a pulse ox to get my other vitals. The Covid-19 test was done. Everyone there is pleasant and the facility is immaculate. I was out by 10:18. I highly recommend this mdnow facility!
Erica H.
I do recommend MD Now Because of the ability to get treatment on the spur the moment for routine type issues however my experience was not Really a good one I do not know who treated me he never introduced himself or what his position was he was extremely unprofessional with his foul language and cavalier attitude I happen to be a retired registered nurse and I had to Keep asking him to check the sample that I Had given them before jumping to a diagnosis my blood pressure was elevated but that was due to the pain I was in he wanted to send me to the emergency room or start me on blood pressure medication which is totally unprofessional as I told him I did not have high blood pressure I have not been on medication for it and I was in a lot of pain which was causing my blood pressure to be elevated ultimately they did test the sample I gave them after I had to give them a second sample I don’t know what happened to the first one and I was given the proper medication I have been checking my blood pressure since I was there and it’s back to normal which I knew it would be I don’t know the name of the person that treated me as I said but he used extremely foul language which is extremely unprofessional patients whoever they are need to be treated with respect maybe I’m old-school nurse but that’s the way it should be
Debbie F.
Fast excellent care will recommend
Robert T.
Frank the PA was incredible! Super knowledgeable and explained something to me about my symptoms that no one has ever explained to me and I’ve gone through life thinking something else! He’s a great asset! God bless you Frank and the staff, you were all great to me!
Emilio E.
Very efficient clinic. Everyone was so nice! I was grateful to find this place while traveling.
Catherine B.
Very good service. No waiting lines.
Natalia R.
Caring and compassionate...
Cat D.
Great!! Professional. Great doctor. Took the best care of me. I would recommend them to all. You were seen by a doctor not a nurse. Excellent care. Thanks
Susan B.
Friendly staff, nice facilities, minimum waiting time
Harry C.
As soon as I walked in the staff was very friendly and communicated effectively I was seen shortly and the doctor was very knowledgeable and explained everything that was going on with me in detail. I would definitely recommend this place with any urgent care needs.
Penny G.