Happy Doctor
From checking in at the front desk to the application of the Covid test it was a positive and quick experience.
Danielle C.
Had 6 Covid tests so far and many providers have done the swab for me... the best of them all has been Rebecca Van Wart. This woman knows what she’s doing to the dot and her people skills are impeccable. My wife and I actually tried to go to the Fort Lauderdale MDNOW to get it done by her, then found out she also works at the Boca Raton MDNOW. Couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend. She’s worth the trip from wherever you are.
Ignacio M.
This is a great place to get COVID tested or for any other medical need. The staff is friendly. They are very efficient with your check in process and you can expect timely processing if you have an appointment.
Aleida F.
Waiting a bit too long, but the Doctor and the staff were great.
Andrew C.
Very helpful and friendly staff.
Stephanie G.
Great attention. Dr. Rafael Crespo, best pediatrician ever!
Laura P.
I most definitely would recommend this place
Ashley W.
Thinking that I may have fractured a bone, I went to the nearest urgent care, my daughter had recommended it highly. Safe location, you are seen within minutes, friendly staff, very clean.
Simply V.
MD Now provides efficient thorough medical care rapidly with minimal waiting time. I am in general good health so I rarely visit but on two occasions I have met competent, friendly, caring medical professionals who diagnosed and treated small wounds and minor skin infections. I look forward to seeking medical care in the future at MD Now.
Robert K.
Great customer service. The front desk was nice and explained everything I needed to understand. The lady who did my test was funny, sweet and very disrespectful.
Adi C.
Doctors were pleasant and thorough and efficient. I would highly recommend MD Now Urgent Care.
Hope N.
I would go here service again if needed. Dr. Michael Bonds and the nurse Linda are very professional and knowledgeable. I went here 2 weeks and a half ago, August 25th around 730pm, after a motorcycle accident in which I fell avoiding to crash to an irresponsible driver who pressed the brakes completely and turned to the right to a parking lot without even turning on the turning lights to let everyone know of the right turn he/she was going to make. The street was wet, that didn't help with my braking. I believe the driver didn't even realize what happened to me and my scooter (it slode around 20 ft) and I slode in the street around 6 feet after flying 5 feet in the air before hitting the street. US 1 is very dangerous (my accident happened near UM) specially when wet or night (my accident was at 3pm) with the highly irresponsible numerous drivers we have in Miami. Please drive responsibly! It could have gone pretty bad for me. Fortunately it was just a pretty hard hit to my knee with no fractures nor big sprains to ligaments nor soft tissue. I hope I will start walking without crutches soon I was a seen by Dr. Michael Bonds. Exact and precise in his evaluation of my knee, very informed, used the correct medical words to diagnose what my knee had (still has but recovering). I got X-ray images here. By Dr. Michael Bonds's suggestion they got an image also of the other knee to compare (this is a good practice ti take images to compare with your other healthy body part). Luckily no fractures nor big spaces between bones that could show possible broken ligaments. He did a physical test of the movement of the knee and was more confident to conclude I don't have any serious tear in ligaments and ofcourse no ligaments were broken apart. I have studied a lot about sprains in knees because 4 months ago I got a 2nd degree sprain in my ACL of my other knee (left one) so I learned about reading x-rays and MRI scans besides from tears, sprains, and fractures in the knees from traumas. I could talk to Dr. Bonds with more precision because of this and I think he is a good professional that knows what he is doing. He was very patient to explain everything to me (because i thought I had broken my patella or my patellar tendom). Then, 4 days later I got to see a traumatologist I trust, and the diagnosis was quite the same. This made me trust Dr. Bonds even more. The nurse that cleaned my rashes/wounds (I don't know the exact word for "raspones" in English) was Linda. Very professional and gentle. She speaks English but also Spanish so it was easy for me to speak to her. She did a good job cleaning my wounds being gentle and also gave me a small antibiotics cream (bacitracin) for me to use after I clean my wounds everyday. I got my diagnosis by email with detailed page of recommendations and the results of the X-ray images (although I was informed about them, the diagnosis and everything while I was in MD Now Urgent Care). I git the X-ray images in CD, pleade check the CD has all of them because when I got home I opened the CD and it was empty. The next day my parents went to MD Now to get the images written correctly in the CD. I got only 3 of 4 images when I checked the second CD at home. I called them to ask about the 4th image but the recepcionist couldn't find it. Nevertheless, when I saw the traumatologist he told me I didn't need them and I didn't need an MRI scan either. I also got from Dr. Bonds because I requested him, just in case although he told me i would not need one to get an MRI if I payed it myself (I had no insurance), a prescription for an MRI. I got it, but I didn't get the diagnosis medical codes. ICD -10 codes I believe. I called MD Now Urgent Care and got the codes S80.01XA contusion right knee and M25.561 right knee pain which where the codes I got asked in Jackson Hospital to request an MRI scan. Ask for your diagnosis codes if you want to get an MRI scan if the X-RAY couldn't identify your problem because it is not bone related but soft tissue related. In my case I didn't need it but I thought I did.
Andres P.
Friendly, clean professional!
Elise M.