Happy Doctor
Great experience. Went for some testing. The nurses and doctors were great and knowledgeable. It's nice to feel taken care of.
Juan G.
Thank you) good service, everything is fast.
Mykola Y.
Been there a couple times. Staff has always been pleasant & very helpful. Waiting time is minimal also.
Ruth R.
Had to go in this morning for a sinus infection. I arrived early and started the long line They open right on time and got everyone inside. I filled out my paperwork was call right back. In and out in 30 minutes. I know others had to wait because it was standing room only when I left. But my doctor was good. My nurse was fantastic.
Bertie R.
Great dr , very clean, no waiting time
Silvia L.
Fast and very kind. Since we don't have insurance they were very conscientious about spending my money.
Kim P.
My fiancé and I are visiting Miami and both got sick we went online to checkout a good location and thankfully ended up with dr Yang. Turns out we have the flu and have been prescribed meds. There was no line and everyone expedited service and was friendly and competent. They tested for strep and gave us lots of info about what to expect. Could not have asked for better assistant/nurses. Maylen helped my fiancé and Robert assisted me. I highly recommend that location! Now we need to get better.
daniele m.
Awesome experience!
Keegan H.
I went to this urgent care because I had a large gash on the top of my head. Im young, only 24, so to say I was a bit nervous about the possabiltity of needing sutures or staples is certainly true. The young man who took my vitals was so nice and very easy to talk to, I think his name was Michael? And then the star of the show, Dr.Eric, he was so kind and encouraging, he explained every step of the process, told me I did infact need staples, but with his attitude about the entire procedure I no longer felt nervous. In fact quite the opposite! Dr. Eric pumped me up and made me feel like a real tough cookie. The staples barely pinched, even when he had to redo one of them because he wanted to make sure he did a good job. I could not praise him enough. Dr. Eric thank you so much! And to everyone else at urgent MD keep doing an amazing job, I appreciate you so much!
Mallory S.
I was a walk in and was taken care of in a very short time .Staff was very friendly. I would gladly recommend MDnow .
Eileen S.
Wow I have never been to a clinic that takes care of you within 30 minutes of walking in. Thank you so much for your service.
Lesvia L.
Fast and professional!
Suzanne A.
Went in at 7:15 with and infected tooth and excruciating pain. Was told there was a 2.5 hour wait but I was taken back within 15 minutes, seen promptly. I was offered a shot for pain and then prescribed maximum strength ibuprofen, antibiotics and special mouth rinse for infection. Was a very quick and easy visit and I will be returning if I am on need again.
Stacia A.