Happy Doctor
My experience at MD now was seamless. I had fallen and thought I sprained my wrist, but after a week of distress I went for x-rays. As I suspected it was more than a sprain, it was broken. The nurse was very well educated and helpful. The doctor, Dr. Swanson, was totally on point with his diagnosis verified by the x-rays. Within 45 minutes I was tended to and out the door with a splint and sling,. A referral for an orthopedist and my prescription was also called in to my pharmacy. The level of care is A+ at the Royal Palm Beach MD Now. Thank you all!
Shirley B.
The staff were friendly and lifted my spirits in spite of my not feeling well. Also they were on point with their professionalism and did their jobs very well.
Kyle G.
Everyone at the office was very polite genuine and very helpful during my problem post surgery
Mark P.
Office was nice and clean. It was not too busy when I arrived. They gave me the normal forms to fill out. I saw the DR within a reasonable time. They did x-rays and the DR prescribed medications. I would return to this location again if I ever need to. And I recommend them to others.
Ingrid A.
Everything was very clean when I walked in. The staff immediately greet you with a friendly smile. The service was very quick and the doctor was nice. I definitely recommend coming here!
Ilisa H.
Super fast, they do everything there! They get you back fast!!
ginny p.
I was not sure of going because of previous reviews But! Is the closest to my job and let me tell you that even the receptionist is so nice, the staff in general and the Doctor for real it was like if I was talking with my sister! God blessed them! You can go here anytime
Cristina N.
I needed to get refills on my meds (due to losing my job and my insurance soon to expire) and not being able to get an appointment with my primary doctor before my insurance expired. They were able to get me in, ask a few questions, run a test on my blood, and called in my prescriptions. I was in the office 20 minutes, tops. I highly recommend MD NOW URGENT CARE to any and all. They did a great job for me, I know they will do the same for everyone that comes in. Thank You!!
Thomas B.
Went to MD Now when I ended up with bronchitis visiting the grandchildren. I saw Dr. Rosenthal and the nurse was Linda and they both were excellent. They couldn't have been nicer and Linda really explained about the medication since I very rarely take any. Dr. Rosenthal was very personable, very nice and knowledgeable. Being far from home and relying on medical people that you don't know can be a little nerve-wracking. I was a very at ease and felt much better because they were so nice. The facility was clean also which is a big plus. Thank you MD Now!
Jeanie K.
The nicest staff and really considerate of time! I was in and out! Jessica was really great!
Rebecca M.
Prompt and efficient. Lovely staff.
Sherri H.
First time to MDnow. Went there on New Year's day. It was fully staffed. I was seen right away, and treated very well. Got the treated I needed and departed after a short stay. I'll be back to this place for any future immediate medical needs.
Lee S.
Very clean . Everyone is very professional. Quick service.
Aleksandra L.
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