Happy Doctor
They were awesome… in and out and I felt like the nurses and Dr. Swanson really cared how I felt, and I feel SO ROTTEN…. It was a comforting experience!
robinpreese .
All very professional and friendly!!
Cissy N.
Timeliness, professionalism,
Ronnie P.
Better than my actual doctor.
Blair B.
Great attention. Thank you so much!!
Alfredo B.
The staff was understanding, sympathetic and professional. Also a little jovial to lighten a stressful moment.
Sean R.
Excellent Service
Julian P.
Fast and friendly. Great visit
Wendell H.
Fast visit with a great doctor, professional staff and clean and new facilities.
Vanessa L.
The staff at the office were friendly along with the caring & professionalism of Doctor Yoo,.. Thank you very much for making everything at ease
Liz L.
Always professional and really great service when I come here.
Sera B.
Walked in sick...no waiting....i got the 5 star royal treatment as diagnosing and treating my condition. Test were run with explanation....when it still was unclear of my diagnosis they ran another test, then chest x-rays. At last..here comes a shot in the butt (which didn't hurt), all along we're being told what & why. Went home with 4 scripts to much needed bed rest. If I had gone to a hospital the experience outcome would have been different. What a blessing you are to me & my family.
Wanda P.
Daisy - Phenomal Ernst - superb, swift and great. Nicole (PA) - Amazing person and helped out in every way I could have asked for. Overall it was a great and quick experience with a clean facility. I’ll be heading there from now on when needed.
Jorge N.