Happy Doctor
Professional, pleasant staff. Clean atmosphere. Reasonable wait time. Thorough exam based on my complaints and their questions. I would not hesitate to recommend at this point.
Nora F.
Staff very professional, following the safety rules of the patient and staff, the place very clean, being served is fast and efficient, my go to spot!
Constance F.
Polite, efficient and professional ! The PA was great. Her exam was thorough and her diagnosis was on target. She prescribed medications and explained everything. The waiting room and exam room was very clean We were seem immediately after filling personal information. I worked for 23 years in the healthcare field. I would highly recommend this facility
carol f.
Excellent staff excellent humor understanding professionalism very informative took direct and concise action and sent me to ER where I am being treated right now I thank you so very much
Eddie M.
Fast service, I made appointment on line, doctor and staff friendly and I was out in less than 15 minutes. They called in my prescription to pharmacy I chose nearby. Recommend fir any medical needs.
Ivy D.
Great experience and great customer service.
Laura C.
I was very with MDNOW, Doug and the doctor were TOP SHELF
Stanley L.
Fast visit with a great doctor, professional staff and clean and new facilities.
Vanessa L.
Oh my, let me tell you... I fell during Christmas (2018) and had to wait 10 days to get back to Palm Beach County. I wasn't sure if I should go to the ER or Urgent Care and thinking it was ribs, felt it would heal on it's own (good ol' Google health!!). I had a direct blow to my left chest area and couldn't breath, sleep, cough, sneeze, roll over in bed, you name it! Anyway, I went in here because I live close by and they have an x-ray. The staff-Wow! Everyone was extremely professional and Dr. Enriquez was wonderful. She recognized how much pain I was in and ordered a shot of tramodol (sp?) and a steroid then put some other pain meds into my pharmacy. 5 hours later, I'm in little pain, although I don't want to push it but so happy I came here! Thank you all for such a pleasant experience!
Kim F.
Quick, easy with friendly, helpful staff.
Susan H.
I had such a good experience at MD urgent care , they made me feel comfortable and at home . I really appreciate everybody for taking care of me today . I would suggest to come when it’s less busy so you can be seen :)
Sandrina D.
Very nice staff, although it's nearly impossible to just call them, on wait for nearly and hour. Finally gave up and drove to the place.
Vicki A.
Quick service and friendly staff. Highly recommended.
Jorge R.