Happy Doctor
MD Now I Highly recomend Everyone is very nice & friendly all medical I have experienced is very precise & Knowledgeable. Definitely recommend if needing a Doctor for any/most medical issues
Cindy B.
Consistency and great health care professionals. Never a long wait.
Josie P.
From the moment I walked in, everyone I spoke to provided OUTSTANDING customer service. Caring, thorough, fast!! Thank you!!
Laura M.
On Dec 26, 2020, I arrived at the location due to a sebaceous cyst that had kept me awake for 3 nights. Upon arrival, first thing you notice is a very clean and welcoming place. The receptionist greeted me with a smile and assisted me with the paperwork. 3 minutes later, the nurse arrived, brought me in, took my vitals and kept me comfortable while I wait for the doctor to arrive. Talk about bedside matter, the attending physician has it in spades. She talked with me for a few minutes, examined me and let me know step by step what she's doing. All the time concerning herself about my comfort level. She was professional yet let me feel like a family member. Her assistant was also first class and pleasant. He ordered antibiotics for me before I left. In conclusion, I wish all Dr's visits were like this. Unfortunately, that's not the case.
Luckner J.
Best place ever , they spend time and listen to you. Great staff and drs.my go to placewent again all nice staff and not a long wait
Mary U.
I went to MD now and had a great experience. The facility was clean. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. It was very satisfying.
I left Care Spot to come to MD Now, what a difference! The facility was clean and welcoming, the staff was super kind, the Dr. took his time to listen to my concerns. The place was great. The only complaint I have was waiting on the Dr. after they took my vitals was kind of long, but I assume it was due to the quality of care and attention the Dr. paid to the patients before me.
Grant E.
Staff was friendly and efficient. I was able to see the doctor within 3 minutes of completing my "paperwork" (via iPad). Dr. Mushtaq made my appointment quick and even enjoyable.
Cherrie S.
Great place! Dr Chidiac is the son of my Doctor I have been seeing over 25 years. Dr Chidiac Sr. They took great care of my son!!!
Ericka P.
Dr. Gorstein was the absolute best!!!! I went in for a stomach bug and he would not let me leave until he was sure I was all better. He was so thorough and I cannot thank him enough. He literally did everything he could so I wouldn’t have to go to the ER. out of all the other urgent cares I’ve been to this was definetely the best and highly recommend.
Daniella A.
Appointment was quick and efficient,
Bob D.
Wonderful place for a walk in medical clinic. Very clean, comfortable. The staff is friendly, and very helpful. I was seen by the medical staff very quicky, even though it was quite busy. I'm very pleased with MD Now on Gateway and Congress. Thank you so much MD Now.
Jeannie T.
Everyone there was courteous and professional. My co-pay was only $5 and so worth it. Dr Francois was thorough with my evaluation. I will probably never go back to my PCP (even though visits are free). The facility has more diagnostic tools, which means I won’t have to go anywhere else
Marilyn B.
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