Happy Doctor
I was signed in at MDNow very quickly and within just a few minutes the medical assistant called me in. Within a few more minutes my blood was being drawn for my test. The office is very clean, friendly and waiting is minimal. I have been to this office before and things have definitely improved.
Mona B.
The Doctor was very caring, nice and professional, the staff there is awesome Great. I would go back to that location
Teresa C.
I was in and out in no time! Friendly service! Caring nurse! I would def recommend!
Yvette R.
Quick, attentive care by a very kind and qualified MD. This is the best experience I've ever had here!
Jeannie T.
Got checked in quickly and saw the doctor without waiting for more than 10 minutes. He was careful explaining what he thinks is wrong and suggested that I should follow up with my primary.
Lauren L.
Quick treatment and the provider gave me exactly what I needed and couldn’t get 5 days ago from another doctor.
Ashley J.
Quick and friendly.
Michele O.
Busy urgent care practice run efficiently. Friendly, professional.
Donna C.
I would definitely give MD Now 5 Stars. This was my first time at this clinic. It was clean and well organized. The staff was very professional and helpful. I would definitely return to this clinic!
Jane E.
Everybody was so very friendly and helpful. In addition, you could get the medication right there so you do not have to run around searching for it and the price is very reasonable.
Linda P.
Thank you MD Now! 15 min In and out with prescription in hand :) Personable and friendly staff.
Karen G.
Caring and excellent care. Much easier than going to the ER. Stitches me up quickly and expertly..
Sara S.
Pretty quick and simple physical/ diagnostic. Can't complain.
Sonia B.