Happy Doctor
When I entered the door they took charged of my with a smile. They understood why I was there and carried me through the process. I was called to see the nurse in a very timely manner. That service was quick and very professionally
Joshua A.
Very professional staff. The took care of me fast and they made me feel in total confidence. Thank you guys!
Edwyn G.
Great staff took time to explain everything. Very friendly and kind. Highly recommend.
Karen D.
I like the staff at Thai location. Every visit is as efficient as possible and no questions are left before leaving. Would recommend to anyone
Harry H.
Courteous service and very clean
Courtney L.
Thanks. They Help me fast. The medicine prescribed by Dr Michael Sanchez was very effective. !! I hope not to return of course. But definitely the best place for Urgent Care !!
dss r.
My entire family was seen here for the flu and we were seen quickly. They were very attentive and professional and they even considered my request to get an alternative medicine from Tamiflu. We saw a technician and a doctor. The place was new and clean and there is a bathroom in the waiting room and free water for patients. I will definitely come here again if I am ever sick.
Ivette V.
Wonderful and detailed service.
Maria C.
Place was extremely fast. Doctor was blunt, male nurse was a male nurse but you can't hold it against him. The receptionist was cool. Only problem I had with this place was that the entire staff wasn't wearing a mask. I would also appreciate this luxury
Frank B.
Very professional
Kita W.
Everyone there was so kind and helpful. They all try to make u so comfortable. Love this place.
Yvonne R.
Very professional, clean and efficient. Will definitely go back.
Donna H.
Excellent & prompt service - quickly identified cause of mysterious illness & prescribed cure.
David B.