Happy Doctor
I walked in feeling absolutely horrible and terrible from a strep throat. I was greeted with a smile and a concerned nurse who gathered my info quickly. Before I knew it, I was seen by the doctor who managed to give me a fast and efficient solution to my painful dilemma. I was in and out within the hour and felt better the moment I stepped out the door. All-in-all the best experience with visiting the doctor.
matthew r.
Hi, this MD is awesome they were very receptive, attentive and all the stuff were great!!! Thank you MD!!!
Jane C.
Short wait times, convenient location, very friendly and helpful medical staff. I have been a few times over the course of 2 years and the medical staff have always taken their time to listen and fully understand any issues I describe before moving ahead with a diagnosis.
Thaddeus B.
Super sweet and patient
Fedorah M.
MD NOW is a highly professional, efficiently run health care facility. The medical team is extremely competent. The support staff is friendly and helpful.
Anthony C.
Efficient clinic, felt good to not keep waiting in the lobby for too long. Would recommend!!
jacobo g.
Jessica Jacabacci was the most amazing provider I have ever seen. Cheers to her! Thanks for the help MDnow!
Carlos K.
The staff was very friendly.
Ron E.
Nice, clean doctor's office. Tons of hand sanitizer around because a lot of people were coughing and have colds and whatever. The person at the check in desk was very nice, she took my information and the wait time was really not long at all. I was in there maybe 30 minutes probably less. The doctor explained everything, my diagnosis and the medicines that I would be taking. I would go back again when I need to see a doctor without going to a hospital or waiting for a doctor's appointment. Quick and very professional people, yes I would definitely recommend this office.
Tanyia J.
Excellent!!!!!! Thank you for your fantastic service!!!
Great service great people very helpful and nice
Cassius M.
Great staff! Will come back here next time!
Scott H.
I had take an employer drug test. I had to wait about an hour, it was busy and I must say the place was very clean.I had a 2pm appt with a specialist and I had to leave on time because it took me a month to be able to finally get this appointment. When I informed the lady at the front desk that I would need to leave and come back tomorrow, she immediately advised another individual of my rush and another lady called me in right away and prepared everything for me so I can do the test and leave right away. I am so thankful for her concern in making sure I leave on time! I had a great experience and the staff was amazing!
Liz M.
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