Happy Doctor
Everyone at the office was sooooo friendly - from the receptionists to the nurses and the doctor!!! the service was quick and easy and it was super convenient to be able to check in the night before to secure an appointment.
Xiomara H.
Straight to the point quick and competent service
Kirk Z.
Great service, very fast and pain free. COVID test
Mary L.
Professional and courteous staff.. Great experience!
Nicholas B.
Efficient, easy checking in and very knowledgeable drs and pleasant staff! Thank you
Cathy N.
Hi friends! About this urgent care facility. Became my life saver. Listened to me as well as answered all my questions and tackled all my problems. I recommend this to all who have problem getting appointments with primary care physicians in Vero Beach. Thank you all who took care of me today . Thank you again.
Mala K.
Better than my actual doctor.
Blair B.
Amazing staff and office manager was really sweet and nice
Randy W.
Nice place,the location is very easy to access the staff is nice and helpful.
Lyda O.
I sliced my finger on Christmas eve, thankfully I live right across the street and made it there before closing. I was in shock, so I wish I would've gotten the names of the guy nurse and the dr that stitched me up. They were so awesome, friendly and made me laugh. They made the experience a bit enjoyable for my 1st time getting stitches.
Rachel W.
Got checked in quickly and saw the doctor without waiting for more than 10 minutes. He was careful explaining what he thinks is wrong and suggested that I should follow up with my primary.
Lauren L.
I went here recently for a uti, I arrived at 8:00, was one of three other patients. I literally waited 15 minutes to be seen. ( culture taken immediately). ( which is shorter than offices where I have an appointment). I found the doctor to be very informative and professional. He explained everything to me and answered my questions. 24 hours later, my symptoms have cleared up.
Shelly P.
Everyone was wonderful in the office
Dale G.