Happy Doctor
Very helpful staff and almost no wait. Went there already two times and both times left very satisfied. Thank you!
Alla F.
Awsome friendly staff, super clean and fast A1 service!!!!
Liza D.
Excellent care. While you wait there’s free water to hydrate you. I only had to wait 15 mins tops in the waiting area. Once in the room I only waited 5 mins and the Dr. and nurse were very attentive and friendly. I would recommend this place.
Nothing but an easy transaction and care was amazing. This place is worth the money.
Jackie M.
Prompt care with great prices for cash patients and very quick to determine any treatment needed or prescriptions.
Christy C.
Clean, staff was professional and courteous.
daisyvsuarez s.
I the front staff was warm and welcoming. They helped me with so many questions and with the computer screen update. My wait was less than15 minutes. The dr came right in and saw me. Very kind and helpful, as well! Love this place!
Diane B.
Able to make an appt online
Cindy M.
They were polite, knowledgeable and efficient. What else could anyone want?! Also no wait!
Leah W.
My second time, walk-ins are accepted and you are seen typically within a few minutes. Very professional care.
Sharon P.
Very caring and sweet doctor along with staff.
Leony R.
Sakis B.
Every experience I have had with MD now has been a pleasant experience aside from being sick.
Kayla B.