Happy Doctor
Always a great experience. They staff/MDs are kind and informative. Minimal wait time. Quick check in process. Clean area.
Marie J.
Awesome staff, awesome service, you can tell they care! I really like MD Now when I can't get to my primary physician right away. I highly recommend MD Now!
My C.
We have used the Urgent Care several times for Covid testing and once for urgent care. We have always felt comfortable with the staff. Easy to get in and we were seen at once.
June F.
Fast, friendly, and great overall experience.
Carolyn M.
I came in because i rolled my ankle and my foot was swollen. They were so polite at the desk and a certain worker saw my hopping on one foot so she brought me a wheelchair. She then offered me and my friend water and returned with two ice cold bottles of water. The lady at the front explained to me the cost of seeing a doctor without insurance but she was nice enough to knock $20 off as part of a discount. I went for xrays and the medical advice on taking care of my injury and got better service than most restaurants have.
Nicholas M.
I’m so grateful. Excellent service very kind and quick. Especially for What I need at the care for. They should have their own TV show.
Carmen C.
The people that work there are really nice and the they are fast
David H.
Wonderful and caring staff! Would definitely recommend to a friend or family member
Sandra A.
I like md now, always so clean and nice with friendly staff and brand new technology. That said this location on federal north of commercial blvd is the best I've been to! The largest waiting room, the shortest time spent waiting, large spacious parking lot, and again incredibly friendly professionals using the best technology. Even with all that's going on now so many people lining up for covid testing I was in and out in no time and treated for my strep throat. They're the best clinic I've been to.
Robert D.
Pretty fast. Staff was professional
There’s a pregnant woman at the desk. She was wonderful. I didn’t get her name but a man came in yelling complaining no one was answering the phone and that they sent his prescription to the wrong pharmacy. He ended being in the wrong and had gone to the wrong pharmacy but he was screaming at her in front of a lobby full of people without a mask on and leaning towards her coming behind the barrier between him and her. She maintained composure, she was still polite and helped him regardless. This man through a fit and she remained calm. Excellent customer service.
Lauren N.
Great staff, very fast and attentive.
Miguel H.
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