Happy Doctor
Remarkable MD Urgent Care Office! The staff were helpful and easy to talk to. The Doctor heard my symptoms and prescribed the neccessary prescriptions with ease. Never the less, the experience was quick, relaxing, and pleasant.
Javier M.
Everyone was very curious and kind. I was able to get in and out very quickly. Thank you.
Lisa F.
Very safe & efficient operation. Went there for a Covid test and have been very pleased.
Sari D.
Great service staff is great
G-link C.
Didn’t feel a thing while having my flu vaccine .
Mark F.
Fantastic service. I went there for the first time to get this nasty respiratory problem checked out, and everything went smoothly. The staff are nice, the nurses and doctors top notch, and the facility clean and tidy. I also dig the use of digital take to facilitate things. So lucky to have them just a block away!
Romney M.
Quick and efficient
Josie P.
We from Michigan. My wife needed a urgent care while on vacation. At first we were sceptical but we were treated quickly and throughly. We recommend the place to 3 of our friends in Hollywood. All of them were delighted with the care.
john d.
Went for Johnson Johnson vaccine. Was in and out no hassle no wait Professional staff immaculate clean environment.
James .
Checked in online and waiting 15 minutes for my appointment. Highly recommend.
Lisa M.
Grear quick service The whole staff was very helpful THANKYOU
Jennifer T.
Nice and friendly staff
Stephanie A.
Great customer service and bedside manners.
Beatriz G.