Happy Doctor
I was directed to go to this location for medical clearance for a new job that I was starting. From the moment that I walked in, the staff greeted, attended to and handled my concerns in an expedient, pleasant and friendly manner. I was taken into a room within minutes o fcb completing my paperwork. The nurse who took, my blood, performed the Covid test and gave me the flu shot was impeccable and non-invasine; I felt no discomfort at all and I don't like needles. Dr. Small was amazing. She was efficient friendly and very knowledgeable. I am new to Florida from New York and I've been seeking a place to go to have my medical concerns taken care of. You can be certain that this will be my primary source of care going forward. Highly recommend you visit their office.
Toni L.
I went there on Thursday at 5pm My whole experience walking through the door was excellent. I wasn't feeling well & wanted a covid 19 test. When they called me back which only took about 15mins. the Dr Musthna (something like that) was 1 of the nicest drs. I ever seen in So. Florida & I've been living here for 21yrs. (WISH ALL MY DR WERE LIKE HIM.) He said ,he thinks I have a slight case of bronchitis & gave me a z-pack & steroids for 7 day's His assit Nathan was also a hell of a nice guy & of course I got my covid test which I will find out my results today which I'm not too worried about just want to be safe. I'm already starting to feel better thanks to this awesome dr.
Randi T.
Very clean, friendly staff, and saw me on time!
Gabriela G.
Went twice this week and each time, I was seen within a responsible amount of time. The front staff were very nice and welcoming. When I was finally pulled back, both clinical assistants were attentive and did a great job. Was seen by Dr. Sandy both times and she is amazing. So glad I went with MDNow.
Lilian G.
Professional, clean facility and very amicable staff.
Larissa P.
They were efficient and organized and you felt very safe...Everyone was very nice...
Marcia L.
Awesome place, COVID test was easy good bedside manner
sndsgmn .
Very professional team
Moe S.
In and out quick. Staff listened and very clean without a sterile "hospital feel" Will definitely use them again.
Arran C.
Friendly, accurate and quick.
very polite patient and professional the girls up front and also very helpful find me the things such as certain paperwork that I didn't have the service was also done with diligence sincerely Keith Evans
Victoria N.
The MD answered all of my questions and did listen to my concerns
madeline g.
Great service from a great staff
Jamil V.