Happy Doctor
Went to get tested for Covid19 because my regular doctor couldn't see me unless it was by Zoom because I wasn't tested. Their in house physician checked me out and wrote out the prescriptions I needed so I was able to get everything accomplished at same time.
Rick N.
The staff is so patient and caring. They made sure their patients were informed and updated while waiting while continuously offering water, tea, and coffee.
Stephanie H.
They were very helpful and got me in to see a doctor within 30 minutes. The office is very clean also.
Melissa D.
Even during a pandemic with over an hour wait the staff was professional
John L.
Staff was very kind and courteous. They were very through and made me feel better.
Estelle L.
Very nice and curious staff
Glenn T.
Doctor was a great advisor.
Alexander R.
The staff is really courteous and they also took the time to explain the process. I was really pleased with the experience.
Ludger F.
Amazing, super quick and cheap! Paid for everything out of pocket and didn’t break the bank!
Skylar R.
Much better than it was 3 years ago. I was in and out in about an hour. Needed a pre-op physical.
Mary S.
Have helped me on several occasions, quickly and kindly. Would highly recommend.
Leslie G.
Everyone was friendly, professional. In and out time was a pleasant surprise.
Patty A.
From checking in all the way through, everyone was courteous, professional and comforting. I ended up having to go to ER but they even called ahead to let hospital know I was being sent there. Highly recommend
mary m.