Happy Doctor
Got there for a child return-to-school COVID test. Quick and efficient. The doctor and nurse are very friendly and extremely gentle! Highly recommend this location!
Sergey M.
I went to MDNow on Monday. My visit was exceptional. I went in to have stitches removed, which they did promptly, effectively, and painlessly. Everyone that I met at MDNow, including the receptionist, the technicians and the doctor demonstrated exceptional customer service and made a great effort to make an otherwise unpleasant experience into something very positive. The two technicians and doctor that worked with me were very friendly and pleasant and demonstrated great skill in their trade (my procedure was more complicated than most). I highly recommend this clinic to anyone that is looking for efficient and friendly urgent care. Thank you all !
Joaquin S.
Caring and compassionate...
Cat D.
The staff knows exactly what was wrong , and they do what they have to do to fixed… good services!
Showthemela B.
Great vibe, thorough, and never a long wait.
daryl m.
Had a very good and fast experience.
Omniel C.
Excellent care & extremely efficient
Lisa C.
I was not feeling well and decided to visit an urgent care facility rather than go to a hospital emergency room. My insurance recommended the MD Now Urgent Care Center and the closest one to me was located 4001 SW 72nd AVE, Miami, FL, 33155. Upon arrival the staff was very cordial and professional. I was able to register, see nurse, get tested, diagnosed, visit with physician and go home with prescription treatment within an hour. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend this urgent care facility and its staff.
Jose C.
Muy limpio. Excelente personal ! La Dra. explica y se toma su tiempo.
Tania R.
I liked my doctor, she was nice, so where the nurses.
the-earth-whitchling !.
Great place
Christopher W.
I came to Miami with my 7 year old daughter, we landed 6 hours earlier and hung out at a friends house before we checked in to the hotel. On the car ride to the hotel, my daughter complained of her eye itching. Of course she kept rubbing it and made it worse. Her eye was almost completely shut when we pulled into urgent care. We had all of our luggage with us. The staff was very nice and accommodating and allowed me to put my luggage in another room while me daughter was getting treated. The entire staff was great and the doctor assessed the situation and wrote a prescription for my daughter. Her swelling went down overnight and she is fine.
Liani O.
excellent team and asaiatance
Frank T.