Happy Doctor
I haven’t had a Family Doctor for years because MD Now provides me with the healthcare I need, when I need it, just walk-in. So affordable and that is important given that I am uninsured and pay out-of-pocket. The Doctor’s and their staff are so professional and thorough. My wait to get care is short, I’m always well informed about my options and the costs for any service I need, and yet I never feel rushed. Thank you, MD NOW!
Carol K.
Very busy with excellent attentive staff.
Jenifer s.
The people that work there are really nice and the they are fast
David H.
Greeted by friendly staff and doctor. In and out under 35 minutes. Would highly recommend this facility.
Barbara B.
Very smooth transition. The staff was very friendly and professional. Kept the line moving at a nice pace. I like that the girls continously sprayed and sanitized the doors and the common areas. Also kept families together, and did their best with social distancing. I am not going back to the previous Urgent Care that I normally go to. This is my new Urgent Care facility.
Berenice M.
Prompt, professional, courteous
brian j.
Got pneumonia, took three visits, but with the right meds, was able to recover in 3 weeks. Thanks
Ken R.
Excellent customer service. Friendly, caring staff.
ForEver Y.
Both my ears where completely clogged so at first I went to holy cross hospital and waited for and hour and probably would of been there till midnight if I stayed and I got there like 1pm so I went over to mdnow and got there at the right time and they took me right in and treated me for over an hour and the nurse was great and the PA was great and between the solution they used and then the spray bottle back and forth in both ears they got every drop of wax that was built up inside and and I can’t say enough about how professional they where and how much they helped me. I clean my ears regularly but I don’t think that I’ve ever heard this good before. I been to urgent care clinics before and they act like they are doing you a favor by helping you but definitely not this place . I had 3 different people look at me and I definitely will go back there if I have any sort of issue
david a.
I highly recommend and trust Dr. Crespo and his staff. They are compassionate and absolutely wonderful.
Susie W.
Expedited and pleasant!!
johnny r.
Very professional and helpful. No wait time they took my wife and I right away doctor detail our diagnosis and detail how to take our meds the women who checked us out made sure we had doctors notes for work overall great experience.
Mike J.
Last evening August 6 was my second swab test at MD now prosperity x PGA, I’m doing it again because my first experience 10 days ago was excellent and again last night it too was excellent. The three people there 10 days ago versus last night were totally different and it is obvious that management is in full control to make sure that the patients are treated properly, bravo, thank you very much MD Now! -EC
Edward C.