Happy Doctor
I haven’t had a Family Doctor for years because MD Now provides me with the healthcare I need, when I need it, just walk-in. So affordable and that is important given that I am uninsured and pay out-of-pocket. The Doctor’s and their staff are so professional and thorough. My wait to get care is short, I’m always well informed about my options and the costs for any service I need, and yet I never feel rushed. Thank you, MD NOW!
Carol K.
Could not have had better service. Everyone from the receptionist to the nurse to the doctor Friendly, caring and efficient Highly recommend
Janet R.
Polite, efficient and professional ! The PA was great. Her exam was thorough and her diagnosis was on target. She prescribed medications and explained everything. The waiting room and exam room was very clean We were seem immediately after filling personal information. I worked for 23 years in the healthcare field. I would highly recommend this facility
carol f.
Clean, professional staff, caring and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend their services.
Karen H.
Staff with super positive and friendly attitude! A+. My wife and I went for the Covid booster! Thank you all for your service!
A. K.
Came in pretty late with my wife. I was treated friendly, got offered free water and overall was only charged $40 + meds at the pharmacy which are obviously covered depending on health insurance. Everyone was nice including the practitioner and the doctors. Wait in the doctors office after initial tests were done took a while. But they apologized deeply for it and I got everything I needed from diagnosis to treatment plan. Will come again if I ever feel this bad again.
Andreas L.
There was only one doctor on duty. And yet this doctor managed to give everyone their fair time and did it in a quick and efficient manner. He also gave updates to people sitting in the lobby which I’ve never seen before. Considerate enough to let people know that he’s going to get to each one of us as soon as soon as he could. There had to be at least 20 people in the waiting room. He did an incredible job!!! Things moved very quickly considering the Circumstances. I highly recommend The doctor as well as MD Now on Linton.
lucia d.
A quick and courteous phone call to confirm that they are giving flu shots...then when I got there, I was seen in 2 minutes! Super sweet and professional staff!
Lisa L.
very clean, very friendly and helpful and professional
Alan D.
Love that place. Not even 24 hours and my inflammation is gone. No waiting line, everyone was nice and professional. Thank you very much!
Kristina I.
Very quick and professional
Paul H.
I loved going there, super efficient, I didn’t have to wait long at all, the nurse and dr. We’re great. I will always go there from now on❤️
Mirtha G.
The doctors were so kind and patient with me, im very grateful to have had such nice nurses & doctors
Meranda J.