Happy Doctor
Visited MD Now Urgent Care this morning. I walked in and an older couple was checking in at reception ahead of me. Very promptly, I was pulled over to another window to be greeted warmly and started checking in myself. After getting settled in, I was waiting to be called. During my wait, I watched and listened to multiple conversations being had in the office. Most patients were polite and didn’t cause any issues but there was an influx of people as most were sick or there for COVID testing. The staff were attentive and courteous. They asked if anyone needed drinks while they waited. Periodically apologized for the wait and actually explained the reasons behind the wait times or specific situations regarding appointments, insurance issues and COVID procedures. They cleaned and sprayed surfaces-even asking if anyone was asthmatic. When obtaining information from patients, (handing off driver’s licenses, iPads, anything that would be shared) they grabbed it with sanitary wipes and wipes down everything. I was there for a pre-employment drug screen along with two other individuals. We were called and escorted to another, smaller waiting room, to be given distance in between those who were sick and experiencing COVID like symptoms or those waiting to be tested due to exposure to the virus. Once called and taken back, the process was explained thoroughly and staff remained warm and professional. Having to drive 40 minutes away, twice within the last two months and this facility being the second one I’ve visited, this experience went so much better. I cannot give them enough praise! Customer service is never leaving out the smallest of details and always going the extra mile for your customers and MD Now has definitely done just that.
Stephanie K.
I was impressed with the nice, modern facility and the kind and helpful staff. The MD was knowledgeable and friendly. Overall a very positive experience.
David H.
Very helpful staff and treatment plan.
Olive R.
I arrived at MD NOW URGENT CARE with a little anxiety in that I was new to this facility and concerned about my prognosis. As it turned out, I was pleasingly impressed with the professional ethnics and the cordial demeanor displayed by this staff. I was pleasantly greeted and checked in by Evilea (hope spelling is correct) who was very pleasant and courteous. Shortly after, Jazz came and escorted me to the examining room where questions were asked, vitals were taken and test was given. Very appreciative of her courtesy. After designated time for results, Dr Joelle came in, informed me that the test was positive and proceeded to check additional vitals. She assured me that my COVID would probably be mild (have had 4 shots) but due to my age, recommended that I do the Paxlovid regiment. All in all, a very pleasant experience. Thanks again.
Dorothy T.
I went to the MD-Now on Beracasa Way in Boca Raton for their efficiency and courteous staff.
R. J.
This facility is very clean, fast with professional kind staff . We were in and out.
Rosita A.
Went on Tuesday night at 7 - staff was friendly and efficient - the place is clean. Dr. Carine Porfiri was kind, listened really well and had a great plan to tackle my needs. At 750pm I’m waiting for my prescription at a nearby pharmacy - couldn’t ask for more.
Simi S.
I took my son for the flu shot and it was in and out, everyone was friendly and profesional. After 1hr and half waiting in the minute clinic in CVS and they denied the vaccine for my son for inssurance matter, the MD Now was the best decision I make. I deff will come back of I or any of my family need. Thank you guys
Creature-51 .
Except for unusually long wait everything was excellent. Delcina
Delcina A.
The minute I walked in the cre from the front desk to the back office everyone was very polite and fast. The place is very clean and welcoming.
Ana C.
Always very friendly and efficient.
Chris M.
Fast and efficient staff. Dr. knew what would be best for my problem.I will know better in a few days!!!!
Fast and efficient
John P.

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