Happy Doctor
There’s a pregnant woman at the desk. She was wonderful. I didn’t get her name but a man came in yelling complaining no one was answering the phone and that they sent his prescription to the wrong pharmacy. He ended being in the wrong and had gone to the wrong pharmacy but he was screaming at her in front of a lobby full of people without a mask on and leaning towards her coming behind the barrier between him and her. She maintained composure, she was still polite and helped him regardless. This man through a fit and she remained calm. Excellent customer service.
Lauren N.
friendly fast service very professionals
Haydee M.
This is my second time here. Again a very pleasant experience. No hassle like at a doctor’s office. Right away I was able to sign in and only waited 5 minutes to get inside to have a test taken by a very friendly person and then a very professional tech came in to take my vitals. I got in and out fairly quickly. Also this place was very clean, and comfortable.
Ada U.
Friendly staff, very clean, quick visit
Madeline V.
Very fast very clean. Workers were very polite
Rafael C.
Staff was knowledgeable, professional and pleasant. Facility was clean and adhered to Covid procedures!
Karen P.
Greeted with very nice staff. Not a long wait and the doctor was great.
Terry F.
Professionality and competence
Roberto L.
Very efficient getting you in and out. The staff at MD Now we’re all very polite and helpful. I will definitely go there again for any medical need.
Edward W.
Clean, professional staff, caring and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend their services.
Karen H.
Nice, caring staff.
Steve G.
very nice, though if you go at 7pm rather is wait but totally worth it
Irene A.
I was very satisfied with the service I received at MD Now. Dr. Morgan was very thorough. Very clean office.
Linda C.