Happy Doctor
Been here a few times and its amazing. Friendly staff, never waited more than 5 min... Kristen is very friendly and informative, Dr. Charmaine is so warm and friendly. You can tell they care not just pumping you through the system. Highly recommend but don't overcrowd my spot, I love the “no wait” part of my experience!
Thomas H.
Efficient and friendly Drs. and staff. Highly recommend.
Rosie P.
Had a very good and fast experience.
Omniel C.
Very nice staff!!!
Monica C.
Fast , clean , pretty good im happy costumer
patricio z.
Excelente servicio. Muy buena doctora y asistente . Súper recomendado .
Jorge l.
Great place to come, I go there every time I’m sick
Nathan W.
Really feel taken.. I do not have insurance and every time I go here they play this game they say the price is $145.00 until you look horrified and then they pull out a imaginary coupon that magically turns the price into 125.00. Oh gee thanks! After waiting 20 minutes in the room he looked at me maybe 6 minutes tops I was told I had 2 eye infections 2 ear infections and a upper respiratory infection they prescribe $200 in meds. I get a z-pak prednisone and eye drops. I finish my z-pak and call and tell them I'm still sick and they say I have to pay for another office visit...I've got the same sickness why should I pay you again to tell me I'm going to need more meds .I'll never go back.
Janet T.
Friendly, fast and clean!
Jackie B.
What wonderful service it took me no time to get in I saw the doctor they assess my situation and I got proper prescriptions in record time and my insurance was accepted I'm a US Army veteran and I don't think I want to go back to the VA hospital if I can avoid it They are very friendly at this location
Anthony H.
the best all the staff were friendly and quick also the medical assistant and doc
Sandra I.
The doctor is amazing! The all are very nice. There wasn't a long wait at all. When I got in to the back the gentleman as what was going on and did my vitals. When the doctor came in she was very pleasant and listened to every concern I had. All in all I would recommend this urgent care place to my family and friends. Thank you for all your services. God bless and stay well.....
Joanna D.
Fast, friendly, and even called me the next day to see how I was responding to the treatment! :)
katie k.