Happy Doctor
Tannahill was the best she was super quick and sweet couldn’t have asked for a better experience thanks to her Shazana at the front was also very helpful
Andrea M.
Very efficient! They took my information and got me in and out in record time. The staff was very friendly and nice. 100%
Darrell H.
Every time I've been there I'm always impressed by how new and clean everything looks. The front desk staff are extremely helpful and nice, plus they do their best to get you in to see a doctor as quickly as possible. Once you're in an exam room things move along quite quickly (at least in MY experiences.) All the nurses and doctors are very polite and knowledgeable when it comes to giving information or answering questions. Everyone at this location seem genuinely concerned about their patients...they're not just there to put in their hours for a paycheck. Last week my son drove me there because I had what I thought to be Vertigo. The front office staff were very polite and accommodating (ex: asking me if I'd be more comfortable lying downing an exam room, offering me water, etc.) Once we were brought back into a room I was seen by a nurse within minutes. The doctor came in right afterwards. I was very pleased with his bedside manner...he REALLY took his time to look me over, ask me questions, and explain his diagnosis (in full detail that I could understand: no confusing medical lingo.) That doctor's name is MARIO STEFAN and if anyone from the staff is reading this I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to him because I felt very comforted being under his care. He said and did what he thought was best and I put my full trust in him. THANK YOU TO DR. STEFAN AND THE ENTIRE STAFF AT MDNOW
Annick D.
The staff was quick and to the point. They took good care of me and I am very happy with their service.
Service was quick and professional. What more could you want?
Mimi F.
I loved MD Now Urgent Care..they took excellent care of my husband..also we did not have to wait long at all..the woman at the front desk was extremely nice..so was the Doctor..would definitely recommend this Clinic to everyone that I know..very good experience..
Kathleen K.
Everyone were very pleasant and concerned about me feeling better. Thank you MD Now
Tonya G.
We had the greatest experience going to MD now. My daughter was seen for her asthma and they took care of her better than going to the pediatrician. It was in and out no hours of waiting and they gave her the appropriate meds needed and actually surpassed our expectations!
Evyn A.
They were accommodating and let me know the first time I arrived that the wait would be long. When I returned a couple hours later. They were attentive and professional.
Paige C.
This is a great place to get COVID tested or for any other medical need. The staff is friendly. They are very efficient with your check in process and you can expect timely processing if you have an appointment.
Aleida F.
Dr and staff are very good.
Helene G.
Very fast and friendly service.
Dan O.
Fast and efficient.. great attitudes!
Michele M.
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