Happy Doctor
Staff was great, quick and friendly! I went for a COVID-19 test, they were very efficient. I highly recommend them.
Scott S.
I must say that the visit to this urgent care was a very pleasant one. The staff was nice, the office was clean and the doctor was top notch. Doctor Crespo is caring, professional with great bedside manners and listening skills. I definitely recommend this office and Dr. Crespo.
Ellie M.
Dr and staff very professional. I recommend this office .
Keribbean Q.
Great experience. Highly recommended
Dana C.
Well located. Easy parking and access. Easy sign in. Quick response. Test performance was excellent. Waiting for results.
Barry N.
Excellent experience with MD Now. Called another location for my 101 year old Mom who had fallen and was complaining of back pain. After discussion, the receptionist (who was super nice) directed us to this location as we didn't want to bring her to a location doing Covid testing. We waited about 45 minutes in the car for her turn in the queue...and from there it moved quickly. The doctor, Dr. Jose Murillo, was excellent. We were able to get X-rays (he bumped her up in the X-ray queue) and fortunately, she has not broken anything. Dr. Murillo noticed she was having muscle spasms so he prescribed something for that. She is recovering. Thanks to MD Now and Dr. Murillo for an excellent experieince.
Deborah A.
Got there first thing Sunday morning so there was no wait. The staff was polite and helpful. Had a good first experience here. Hopefully every visit will go this smooth. The attending nurse, Nicole was great. Very professional and sweet. Will definitely recommend this location.
Sara S.
Clean, efficient and friendly staff. I highly recommend it.
Arlene J.
Quick clean efficient! Dr Mushtaq is fabulous
Terri K.
Dr and nurse were incredible.
Richard S.
Sylvia in check-in was wonderful and welcoming. All staff gave me great service
Melvin S.
Very comfortable and pleasant workers and makes u feel welcome
Shelly P.
Clean, efficient and friendly staff. I highly recommend it.
Arlene J.