Happy Doctor
The best of the best of the best!!!!!! I fell down slick stairs in my condo building and fell on my arm and could literally see the bones !!!!!! And this amazing team got me in and did everything necessary and put me back together! The staff is so nice and skilled !!!!! Thanks
Scott B.
Excellent doctor. He was very thorough. Listened to my concerns and I never felt rushed. The radiologist was also very good and professional.
laura g.
Really amazing experience for a first time. Receptionists were super sweet and nurse and Dr. fantastic ! Very impressed.
Danni B.
They are very professional, nice, and caring. The receptionist is very friendly.
Gwen F.
Clean office they helpful in and out 1 hour and 30 minute walk in when by fast
Kanika F.
It was very clean and bright in this facility. The staff was just very professional and quick. Thumbs up.
Tamz G.
Fast, professional, friendly care in a clean environment. Great communication by staff. I would definitely recommend this facility to family and friends.
Rachel C.
Easy, Friendly, Faster and very clean.
oscar q.
In and out... nice staff!
Lindsay D.
In, registered as a walk in, seen, diagnosed, Rx and out the door in less than an hour today. My usual Med Now had a 2 hour wait. I will continue to use this location. Great staff by the way.
John O.
Great place. Short wait and pleasant staff. Thank you.
Rolando R.
Professional and very caring people!
M H.
They are awesome
Joedme R.
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