Happy Doctor
Such great service! The front desk staff was kind and efficient. Clinical team was attentive and the doctor took the time to listen and really cared about my issue.
Jessica C.
I went in today to get a pre-op screening for my upcoming eye surgery, and I have quite possibly the most severe case of white coat syndrome in the history of mankind. I knew I would absolutely fail the blood pressure test and I did, big time. But the doctor, the nurses and the kind woman that checked me in were so thoughtful, attentive and caring that they let me take my time, relax and calm down and I was able to get the best pressure reading I have gotten in a medical facility in 35 years. The entire staff treated me like a person instead of a number and I am beyond grateful. I could not recommend this urgent care more.
Amy C.
Fast, friendly, and great overall experience.
Carolyn M.
Awesome staff, very attentive and friendly.
Cindy D.
The doctor is amazing! The all are very nice. There wasn't a long wait at all. When I got in to the back the gentleman as what was going on and did my vitals. When the doctor came in she was very pleasant and listened to every concern I had. All in all I would recommend this urgent care place to my family and friends. Thank you for all your services. God bless and stay well.....
Joanna D.
Courteous attentive and professional will recommend
Roy R.
Second time at this location and both were good experiences
Kirsten N.
Fast, clean, great staff.
Sydney T.
Everyone was friendly and caring from the time you walk in to the time you are seen in the back… highly recommend!
Dawn D.
They took care of my needs promptly and efficiently
Sonia C.
Very busy but very well organized.
Elizabeth K.
Courteous and professional staff. Fast and efficient service.
caridad s.
very impressed with the facility
Mary A.
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