Happy Doctor
Both my ears where completely clogged so at first I went to holy cross hospital and waited for and hour and probably would of been there till midnight if I stayed and I got there like 1pm so I went over to mdnow and got there at the right time and they took me right in and treated me for over an hour and the nurse was great and the PA was great and between the solution they used and then the spray bottle back and forth in both ears they got every drop of wax that was built up inside and and I can’t say enough about how professional they where and how much they helped me. I clean my ears regularly but I don’t think that I’ve ever heard this good before. I been to urgent care clinics before and they act like they are doing you a favor by helping you but definitely not this place . I had 3 different people look at me and I definitely will go back there if I have any sort of issue
david a.
If I need to get seen right away I go here because the wait isn’t that long and the staff is really competent AND friendly. All the doctors and nurses that have seen me are really great at their jobs. Thanks!!!
john w.
Everytime I go to this location I always have a great experience; from Alexandria at the front desk to the medical assistant and the doctor - my trip to urgent care was great - they are all so friendly and helpful
chloe e.
Everyone is very kind and they didn't make us wait longer than we had to. I would recommend them.
Beverly G.
Very expedious, professional and the staff was excellent.it was in and out service for me
Precious H.
Fast and friendly service. I don’t have medical insurance and paid less than expected.
Matthew A.
Kilklery y Anya siempre me han atendido excelentemente muy amable y profesional todo el tiempo
Georgina S.
I personally had a great experience here..
Victor G.
Hands down the fastest, and nicest urgent care I’ve ever been too! I will gladly make the 20 minute drive to avoid the rude urgent care down the street.
Julia S.
Thank you very much for your excellent service. Though I was sick, I enjoyed being at your clinic as I appreciated the attention and care you provided. Keep it up!
Georgina F.
I went to MDNow on Monday. My visit was exceptional. I went in to have stitches removed, which they did promptly, effectively, and painlessly. Everyone that I met at MDNow, including the receptionist, the technicians and the doctor demonstrated exceptional customer service and made a great effort to make an otherwise unpleasant experience into something very positive. The two technicians and doctor that worked with me were very friendly and pleasant and demonstrated great skill in their trade (my procedure was more complicated than most). I highly recommend this clinic to anyone that is looking for efficient and friendly urgent care. Thank you all !
Joaquin S.
Try good dr I’m so happy I went to them I was so sick and couldn’t get my dr I feel better already thank you md now
Annette R.
This place is very friendly and clean. The rep at front desk Sylvia is super good, attentive and knowledgeable, she answered all questions I had and made sure we were taking care off, very professional location, Kudos to them, keep it up !!!
Noel P.