Happy Doctor
The experience was 10x better then expected. The staff was friendly, respectable and efficient but best of all the service was fast and effective. Thank You!!!
The J.
I was not feeling well and decided to visit an urgent care facility rather than go to a hospital emergency room. My insurance recommended the MD Now Urgent Care Center and the closest one to me was located 4001 SW 72nd AVE, Miami, FL, 33155. Upon arrival the staff was very cordial and professional. I was able to register, see nurse, get tested, diagnosed, visit with physician and go home with prescription treatment within an hour. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend this urgent care facility and its staff.
Jose C.
I have never been to this Urgent Care location. Well, I have been two times only to Urgent Care facilities in my life, but here the people were very nice, friendly and patiently explaining everything and give me the answers to all my questions and concerns....although I can only imagine how many times they have been asked the same thing over and over again. Very professional ! Glad to know it's so close to home. Thank you Vessela Boyadjieva vpboyad@gmail. com
Vessela B.
I was in such pain and discomfort. The staff and Doctor Torres were amazing. The were welcoming caring and understanding. They cared I was hurting. They listened to what I was going through and never rushed me. They took their time so they could get it right They put some scrips together to help me out. I tell you now I have not felt this good in almost 4 weeks. For the first time in 4 weeks I can walk without dragging a leg or wringing in pain If I ever need to I would go back to them. They saw the pain I was in so they emailed and faxed my scripts over to the pharmacy so I wouldn’t have to worry about them , just go pick them up. Not enough words of gratitude and appreciation for what they did for me today. I feel human again. Thank you so very much. You are wonderful
Sandra P.
Awesome..all very professional and the Dr I saw is brilliant!
Terry G.
Service was quick and professional. What more could you want?
Mimi F.
Covid testing. Very fast and nice employers.
Kami D.
Everyone was super helpful and friendly. The doctor really took the time to listen to my concerns and help me find a solution. The nurse was very helpful as well. Thank you for a great experience
Erika H.
Very fast and efficient!
Patricia G.
Arrived at 9:15 and was on my way home by 9:45. Receptionist, nurse and Dr were all professional and friendly as well. Better than seeing my regular doctor. Would recommend to anyone who needs help. 5/5 rating
Mark C.
Jessica G. is an outstanding nurse. She was patient and kind with my son and can find a vein like no other for blood work. Wonderful person and nurse. Thank you!
Ann M.
Everyone was kind caring in and out relatively quickly will go back if the need arises
Judi C.
Not a terrible wait and the Doctor was pleasant and efficient. i would use them again.
Richard L.