Happy Doctor
From the front desk to the back office.. very efficient and friendly. No waiting. Great customer service. Will return to this location for any of my other needs.
Alyssa S.
if you need to go the ER..MD now is the place to go....efficient front desk they actually give the time you will be seen...friendly ,knowledgeable doctors and medical staff.
Bonnie W.
As always excellent service. Just received 7 stitches. Dr Tran and staff were great. Thank you.
Claude L.
I came to Miami with my 7 year old daughter, we landed 6 hours earlier and hung out at a friends house before we checked in to the hotel. On the car ride to the hotel, my daughter complained of her eye itching. Of course she kept rubbing it and made it worse. Her eye was almost completely shut when we pulled into urgent care. We had all of our luggage with us. The staff was very nice and accommodating and allowed me to put my luggage in another room while me daughter was getting treated. The entire staff was great and the doctor assessed the situation and wrote a prescription for my daughter. Her swelling went down overnight and she is fine.
Liani O.
Excellent care and it feels great for urgent medical care when ny PCP isn't available.
Joyce R.
Professional and courteous staff.. Great experience!
Nicholas B.
My daughter had an injury in her ankle, In less than an hour she had XR immobilized her ankle and we arre home. Very kind staff .
Yima C.
First I went to Broward Health urgent care on Sunrise & Pine Island where a nurse took a look at what I suspected was an infected insect bite on my scalp. She daid I couldn't be seen there because she thought I could have a brain abscess and needed to go directly to the Emerg Room of a hospital. So, I drive to MD Now where I saw a physician who said I had Shingles! Was treated with the appropriate prescription am feeling better.
Linda S.
Very prompt service and very friendly staff!
Jessica M.
These people are wonderful. I have been there several times in the last few years and have not one complaint. They are THE BEST
Sarah S.
Very nice staff. Very honest about wait times but was seen asap. Clean and updated facility
Nicole S.
You are exclusive people. All staff are very nice and capable. They all are helping and cooperative with every one. If I need will love to come back.
Javaid I.
Great service. I'm and our. I would definitely recommend.
Imtaz D.