Happy Memorial Day Weekend

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on Memorial Day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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Happy Doctor
Dr. Katz and the staff at MD Now were very helpful and caring for me as a first time Worker's Comp patient at this urgent care. I had very little wait time and was finished with my visit within an hour. Beats waiting at another Urgent Care for 2 hours just to be seen!! Thank you all for your excellent and compassionate care!
Angel S.
Very efficient, considering Covid, staff friendly, and accomodating. Beautiful lobby, clean as a whistle. Next time PLEASE Lord, dole me out one of them NEGATIVE results. All good at MD NOW on US1. APPRECIATE all the hard work you folks do and provide. Tom Cahill.
Tom C.
Actually one of the nicest looking doctor offices I’ve even been in. Marble countertops and beautiful inlaid wood. Just a very nice experience. It beats the heck out of an emergency room! I would most definitely recommend it!
John S.
i went to this place twice,people are very nice and they do very good job,i feel so comfortable.thank you guys.
Henry M.
Great experience everyone there was very polite and seemed to have a good sense of humor
Rc M.
Amazing and courteous staff.
Patricia M.
Was very professional and efficient..clean, neat how supposed to .w
Luzia N.
Excellent service Thanks I recommend this place and very good people!!!!
Josefina P.
Convenient, Clean, good front desk experience - wait was short & Dr. was busy but good
Susan H.
Clean, efficient and friendly. A great experience.
Jeanne E.
Very minimal wait time, friendly staff and the doctor was awesome! He had a great up beat energy about him that made my son feel super comfortable about being at the doctors. Highly recommend this MD Now!
Tana M.
Great visit. Will return. Great location.
Aqua L.
Hi Md Now in Jupiter, I give you 5 stars because of Steven Zannanti and Stephanie, his assistant. Because of Covid, a lot of the other health care providers that we’ve seen have dropped the ball. We’ve had trouble trying to find good doctors in Jupiter, but we know when we see Steven he would help a lot. We are looking for a new primary care doctor. Do you have any suggestions for a primary care doctor? We’re lucky we know Steven!
Julie R.