Happy Doctor
I went in today to get a pre-op screening for my upcoming eye surgery, and I have quite possibly the most severe case of white coat syndrome in the history of mankind. I knew I would absolutely fail the blood pressure test and I did, big time. But the doctor, the nurses and the kind woman that checked me in were so thoughtful, attentive and caring that they let me take my time, relax and calm down and I was able to get the best pressure reading I have gotten in a medical facility in 35 years. The entire staff treated me like a person instead of a number and I am beyond grateful. I could not recommend this urgent care more.
Amy C.
Professional, clean, good staff.
Alison A.
Excellent service from start to finish....Thank you MD Now.........
Dante P.
They were very professional, friendly and quick
Robert W.
Very nice everybody was nice didn’t have to wait long.
Flo V.
Amazing staff. Randy at the front desk and Natacha the M.A were absolutely the best, they made me feel so at home and made me smile when i felt my worst. Thank you so much for being such a great and clean place.
Chanty .
Professional, clean, and well mannered. The only MD I want to go to!
Brianna N.
I was taken care of quickly and efficiently
Cristina F.
Took my daughter as she was complaining about her ears. Staff was super friendly and helpful. The doctor was awesome! I recoomend this location.
sean g.
Very Friendly and professional.
Rex M.
The staff was super friendly and efficient!
thefancyshow .
The doctors are awesome! Progressed fast.
Nuoyun C.
Today was my second visit at MD Now in Sunrise. The service was excellent and the staff was very professional. I would highly recommend this location.
Ronda W.