Happy Doctor
I have visited this clinic five times and was seen by a different physician/ practitioner each time. All were equally awesome. Also, each time, I was treated with empathy, kindness and professionally. I’ve never had less than a stellar experience. I accept that I have to wait so that doesn’t frustrate me. The staff up front are courteous and professional.
Christine .
Went for the first time to a urgent care and I can’t believe how fast, professional, friendly and helpful the staff and doctor were. They do take their job serious and really care about their patients.
Sara’s W.
They're very kind, welcoming. Best service I've had in a while ! Absolutely would recommend
Jemima J.
Doctora Maria Angel Gracias! Thank you for caring for me, thank you for running after me to get the extra shoot! (she went to get me at the parking lot) I left because was too scared to get my 3er shoot after 2 very painfull ones. By the time I was getting to the pharmacy my daughter told me that I was already looking better and God knows I was in a really bad shape when I got to the urgent care. Miami needs more Humans like you!! #strepthoatsuck BUT #yourock Coral Gables community is lucky to have you!
Veronica J.
The staff was very friendly and helpful. The wait time was phenomenal and everyone from the receptionist to the physician was knowledgeable.
Alicia M.
Friendly workers
Raquel M.
Excelent Service! Great team with great service attitude.
Fernando D.
Everyone was very nice! The Dr was nice and explained everything in detail! Thank you for finding out what was wrong with me!
Daniella F.
Very pleased with my experience
Christy K.
Very friendly and patient-oriented staff
Gabriela P.
I went to do a xray of my right leg. And everyone was very nice and helpful. They give me some medication for the pain and a knee support brace.
Rene P.
Super professional, fast and kind. Doc was great— will recommend .. thanks for a nice visit..
Brown B.
Excellent customer services from the moment you walk in. Doctors are great, and medical assistant are very knowledgeable and professional.
Berta F.

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