Why School Physicals at MD Now Urgent Care Centers are a Bright Idea

With your child starting school soon, you’re probably focused on filling backpacks and packing lunch sacks. But don’t forget your children’s school physicals and vaccinations. School physicals can check your children’s current health and detect any problems that may prevent them from reaching their full potential. And vaccinations can protect your child from getting or spreading many preventable diseases. So with the school year sneaking up on us, now is the time to get your children the school physicals and vaccinations they need to stay well and do well in the classroom. Luckily, MD Now Urgent Care centers can give you all of the answers about these medical musts so you can give your child a healthy head start in school.

School Physicals are a Must for Good Health and Good Grades

School physicals and vaccinations are essential for many reasons. First of all, they ensure that your child and the children around them are healthy. Secondly, school physicals make sure that your child does not have any physical deficiencies that may affect their learning or life. Problems regarding development, growth, vision, hearing, and scoliosis can have a very negative impact on your child from the classroom to the playground. But school physicals let you catch any problems early and get the treatment your child needs to succeed. Finally, your child has to have a school physical and up-to-date vaccinations to be allowed to attend school. The state of Florida requires a yellow or blue school physical examination form for every child entering kindergarten, as well as children of any age attending a Florida school for the first time. The exam must have been completed and signed by a healthcare provider licensed to conduct school physicals within the 12 months before the first day of school. And it must be a school physical, not a sport physical, to get your child into the classroom.

Vaccinations Make the Grade for Protection and Prevention

Vaccinations can help you protect your child from many vaccine-preventable diseases. Keeping kids current on vaccinations can provide the protection they need from sudden outbreaks of illness. Remember, it only takes one case to infect a classroom. And with Florida’s ever-increasing population, there seems to be a new kid in class every day, which means more exposure to more germs and diseases. But by following a vaccination schedule, you can protect your children from getting sick while preventing problems for others. That’s why current vaccinations are required for school admission. The Florida Certification of Immunization must be completed by a Florida physician or a Florida County Health Department. And since various vaccines are recommended for different ages and stages, always check with your local school and healthcare provider to determine which vaccinations are right for your child at the right time.

MD Now is the Wise Choice for School Physicals and Vaccinations

It can be a big deal to get your little one ready for school. Shopping for school supplies, buying back-to-class clothes, and simply preparing your child to face a new school year can be very difficult. But MD Now Urgent Care centers can make life a little easier by offering fast and friendly school physicals and vaccinations. MD Now also offers physicals for sports and camp to keep kids at the top of their game all year round. Our urgent care centers treat both adults and children and are open convenient hours, operating on a walk-in, no-appointment basis to provide maximum convenience when time’s at a minimum. Why wait on your doctor’s schedule when you can stop in on your schedule and get all of the exams your child needs. With locations throughout Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties, there’s certainly a center close to you.

Prepare your child for a healthy and happy school year by getting their school physicals and vaccinations at MD Urgent Care centers. All of our locations are open seven days a week to meet all of your urgent care needs. For the Florida locations nearest you, visit https://www.mymdnow.com/locations.

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