The New Urgent Care Option in Margate


When you or a family member suddenly becomes sick or suffers an injury, where do you turn for healthcare? Today, many people answer: “My neighborhood urgent care.” Emergency rooms continue to be overcrowded and expensive, while primary care physicians’ hours simply don’t always accommodate the timing of a surprise illness or injury. The popularity of urgent care centers is rising across the nation and in Florida, MD Now Urgent Care is building upon this need.

Recently MD Now, Florida’s fastest growing urgent care company, opened the doors at its newest location in Margate. Today’s press release further details the specifics of one of MD Now’s largest urgent care centers in Broward County. The new facility is open seven days a week and is expected to be a great boon to the residents and industries of Margate.

Why Choose Urgent Care

You can always find a quality lineup of certified physicians, nurses, technicians, and even a dedicated Worker’s Compensation Case Management team at all MD Now locations. Urgent care facilities can carry out lab tests, drug tests, occupational medicine services, and treatment of non-emergent cuts, burns, rashes, and whatever else may ail you. The following is just a few of the reasons why people are choosing urgent care over emergency rooms:

  • Quality care given on a walk-in basis
  • The ability to provide more complex services than your regular physician
  • Treatment of non-emergent injuries on your schedule
  • Offers lower co-pays when compared to an emergency room

If you’re a resident of Margate, Coral Springs, Tamarac, or Coconut Creek, consider visiting our new facility at 3470 NW 62nd Avenue the next time an illness or injury sneaks up on you. Please contact MD Now to learn more about urgent care in Margate and speak with a member of our healthcare staff.