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The Importance of Vaccines for Children in Daycare

The close proximity of children in daycare makes it a common setting for the spread of infectious diseases. Vaccinations can be an effective way to prevent diseases like chicken pox, influenza, and pertussis from spreading to children too young to receive vaccines or to family members with compromised immune systems. That’s why almost all states require them for children who attend daycare.

Most parents understand the need for such a policy, according to a C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll of Children’s Health. In a recent survey of parents with children from 0-5, nearly all agreed that children in daycare should be vaccinated. In fact, 59% strongly agreed.

Parents also felt that daycare providers should review immunizations annually to ensure compliance. Two-thirds thought parents should be informed of the number of children at a facility who have not had appropriate vaccinations. Nearly three-quarters stated they would consider changing providers if a quarter or more of the children were not up to date.

While most parents know their children need protection, many children still don’t receive the required vaccinations. This may be due to cost or inconvenience. That’s why MD Now, the largest and fastest growing provider of urgent care services in Florida, offers a full range of affordable immunizations and vaccinations at each of its urgent care centers across Indian River, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties.

MD Now makes it easy for parents to ensure that children have all the protection required. Families can take advantage of our convenient hours, seven days a week, including holidays, with no appointments necessary.

There’s simply no reason to delay getting children the necessary immunizations to protect them against common childhood diseases. Stop by your nearest MD Now Urgent Care Center today. For the Florida location nearest you, visit mymdnow.com/locations.

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