The Burning Truth About Summer Injuries

Summertime and the living is painful if you don’t practice safety in the sun. From sunburns and jellyfish stings, to tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, your risk of injury rises with the temperature as you spend more time outdoors. But just because the elements increase your chance of accidents doesn’t mean you can’t play in the sun and still play it safe. Whether you plan to be on the sand, in the sea, or in the game, MD Now Urgent Care centers want you to enjoy everything under the sun by taking these helpful tips to avoid and treat any summer suffering.

Have It Made In the Shade for Sunburn Relief

A sunburn can be a pain, but you can easily avoid getting burned by using a sunscreen with an SPF 45 or higher and reapplying about two or three tablespoons every 90 minutes. Try to stay in the shade as much as possible, but when you must brave the rays, wear a hat to protect your face, and choose clothing that shields your body. If you get lightly burned, an easy sunburn treatment is mixing one part whole milk with one part cool water and gently applying it onto the sore spots. But for a more severe sunburn accompanied by heat exhaustion or heat stroke, you need to seek the immediate treatment that can quickly be found at MD Now Urgent Care clinics throughout Florida. An MD Now physician can provide sunburn remedies to instantly soothe scorched skin and help in its healing.

Wave Off the Danger of Jellyfish Stings

A jellyfish sting and to a lesser extent sea lice, can cause pain, an intense rash, and frightening welts. If you do get stung, get out of the water immediately and wash the area with seawater or warm water, and then carefully remove the tentacles. If the sting is severe, it requires immediate medical attention because it can cause muscle spasms, difficulty breathing, and even death. You can find fast treatment for jellyfish stings at MD Now Urgent Care centers, where our physicians are prepared to treat with medications that soothe away any pain and rash.

Be Proactive to Treat Pains, Sprains, and Strains

Most people are more active in the summer, which means a greater risk of injury. The most common injuries affect the back, knees, ankles and wrist. Even the simplest of summer activities can overexert your muscles and joints, which can put your body under a lot of stress. This can lead to many problems, such as neck strain, back pain, knee injuries, and sprained ankles and wrists. To avoid the injury and inflammation that come from physical fatigue, try to keep your body in good shape and stretch your muscles before physical activity. If you do experience pain or an injury, immediately stop what you are doing and apply ice to the painful area. If the pain persists, it is better to be safe than sorry, so your best bet is to go to your closest MD Now for an examination and an x-ray. There’s no time to waste and no need to wait, because our physicians can treat the pain on the spot and help you heal faster.

Score Treatment for Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

Whether you swing a racket or a club, leisure sports can be a ball. But when you play too hard, the body works too hard and you can lose out to the sharp pain of tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. Rather than let this pain sideline your summer, first focus on easing the ache by applying ice to the painful area every few hours. Then, take a break from the activity for a few days to let your body rest and heal. If there is no improvement after a few days, head to your nearest MD Now Urgent Care clinic. Our highly skilled physicians know the top treatments for tennis elbow and how to heal golfer’s elbow. This fast and friendly treatment can help summer golfers and tennis players quickly get back in the game.

Summer should be a pleasure, but if summertime injuries leave you in pain, MD Now Urgent Care centers are conveniently open seven days a week to give you real relief, real fast. To find the Florida locations nearest you, click here.

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