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The Best Sunburn Remedies Under the Sun

A sunburn can be a real pain. When you’re under the sun for long periods of time without proper sun protection, you can get too much sun exposure and suffer the redness and pain of a sunburn. Luckily, there are many sunburn remedies that are naturally effective, as well as ways to protect yourself from being burned by the sun.

Take a Shine to These 5 Naturally Soothing Sunburn Remedies

Rather than rely on over-the-counter medications to reduce the symptoms of sunburn, try these at-home remedies for relief that comes naturally:

  1. Aloe vera: Packed with powerful nutrients that speed up healing, aloe vera is one of the best remedies for sunburn. Cut the leaves of an aloe plant or buy it bottled. And then continue to apply it as topical ointment to soothe the sting and reduce the redness.
  2. Potatoes: These contain starch-based compounds that may soothe a sunburn. Simply slice up a raw potato and rub a slice on your sunburned skin.
  3. Cucumbers: The cooling effect of cucumber slices can soothe sunburned skin.
  4. Honey: Used as a topical treatment for sunburns by the ancient Egyptians, honey can accelerate healing while reducing infection and pain.
  5. Vinegar: The acid in vinegar is believed to ease pain, inflammation, and itching. Place a little white vinegar on a sunburn for 20 minutes for instant pain relief, or add a cup of cider vinegar to your bath water and soak until you’re soothed.

Shedding a Ray of Light on Sunburn Protection

It’s impossible to stay out of the sun completely, so you need to know how to be safe in the sun. Prevent a painful sunburn and save your skin from sun exposure by using these trusted tips:

  • Slather on sunscreen: Sunscreens protect against the sun’s harmful UVB rays, which are the primary cause of sunburn. The come in many varieties based on their level of sun protection.
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat or cap to protect your face: Since the skin around your face and eyes is much thinner and more delicate, too much sun exposure can cause cosmetic damage and wrinkling.
  • Shield your eyes with sunglasses: Protect your eyes from getting damaged by the sun’s harsh rays. Get the best protection outdoors by choosing the highest UV protection-rated sunglasses. Darker lenses are not necessarily better at blocking UV rays. Check the UV rating on the label of sunglasses and choose the pair with the highest rating for the most sun protection.
  • Avoid peak hours of sun: Try to stay out of the sun or use extra sunburn protection between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. because the sun is the strongest during this time.
  • Be smart about sun exposure: People with fairly light skin tend to burn easily and need to be especially careful about their time in the sun. But everyone should be aware that too much sun can cause too much trouble.

It’s a Bright Idea to Get Medical Care at MD Now

Sometimes, no matter what precautions you take, you may end up with a severe sunburn that requires medical attention. When that occurs, turn to MD Now for the most convenient, caring, and cost-efficient treatment. Our physicians are available to give anti-inflammatory pain meds, IV hydration, as well as prescription burn creams and medications for bad burns.

All of our locations are open convenient hours, and operate on a walk-in, no-appointment basis to conveniently suit your schedule. With 22 locations throughout Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties, quality care is always within your reach. For the Florida locations nearest you, visit https://www.mymdnow.com/locations.

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend

All MD Now urgent care locations are open
on Memorial Day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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