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The Benefits of COVID-19 Quantitative Antibody Testing

We have reached a critical stage in the battle against COVID-19 and, as vaccination efforts continue, new virus variants emerge. This has us all wondering if we are sufficiently protected from this challenging virus. What if you survived a case of COVID-19 earlier in the pandemic and never knew you had it? How long after we are vaccinated does our body have sufficient antibodies to protect against infection or re-infection? One of the best ways to determine if you have any protection against the COVID-19 virus is with Quantitative Antibody testing.

What Does Antibody Testing Reveal?

After we battle a viral illness, our immune system creates proteins to help fight off future infections. Both surviving the illness and getting vaccinated can help the body create these valuable antibodies. Research has proven that these antibodies offer potent antiviral activity, which correlates to having protection.

Antibodies offer necessary protection, but, with COVID-19, we are still uncertain for how long we remain protected. The CDC is currently evaluating this phenomenon and at various other factors that could affect antibody levels and immunity. There have been reported cases of COVID-19 reinfection , but they remain rare.

What COVID-19 Antibody Tests Are Available?

Quantitative Versus Qualitative Antibody Tests

Antibody protection exists on a spectrum or range which is what makes testing so useful. Some people have strong immune systems and will retain high antibody levels and a longer period of protection. Others may not be as fortunate to have the same level of protective benefits from antibodies. This is especially true for the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

A qualitative antibody test checks whether you have antibodies or not…yes or no! The Quantitative Antibody test determines what level or how much of these antibodies your body has produced. Quantitative Antibody tests adhere to an international standard that ensure results are accurate. Therefore, if you’re looking to figure out how much protection you have, a Quantitative Antibody test is a viable choice.

What is the Roche Elecsys® Anti-SARS-CoV-2 S Immunoassay Quantitative Antibody Test

This test offers a high rate of sensitivity and clinical specificity. It can measure antibody levels produced by both the illness and the vaccines by testing for antibodies to the spike protein. This innovative technology is proving to be quite important. It will help researchers as they continue to learn about which vaccines can offer the best level of protection against the virus. Researchers are also looking at factors like how long immunity from the vaccines will last and how often people will need booster shots.

An immunoassay is a highly selective procedure used to measure the presence of analytes in a solution. This is done through recognizing antibodies. This test’s immunoassay process targets the receptor-binding-domain (RBD) in the spike protein. Experts are focusing on RBD in research for future vaccines and therapeutics.

What is the Difference between Antibody Testing and Regular COVID-19 PCR Testing?

It’s important to note that an antibody test is not a replacement for a COVID-19 diagnostic test. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, visit an MD Now urgent care center for proper testing. Antibodies may not appear in tests until two weeks after the onset of symptoms or the complete administration of a vaccine series. Choosing an antibody test instead of a regular test could result in a false negative, potentially furthering the spread of the virus.

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The process for the COVID-19 antibody test is simple. All it requires is a quick blood draw. No appointment is necessary, and you’ll receive your results in 48 hours or less.

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