Sick of High Emergency Room Cost and Wait Times?

Treat Your Family to the Time-Saving and Money-Saving Alternative of Urgent Care Centers 

When a medical emergency strikes, many people naturally rush to the emergency room in the hope of receiving immediate care. Yet rather than a fast and friendly experience, they’re left waiting for hours and paying outrageous prices in uncomfortable, understaffed facilities. Why do people put up with such poor treatment when seeking urgent medical treatment? Experts say that people continue to rush to emergency rooms for the convenience they offer since most primary care physicians often have limited hours, few on-site diagnostics, and require additional trips to an off-site pharmacy. Luckily, there’s a better way to receive the highest-quality medical care that’s more convenient, faster, and affordable than both emergency rooms and primary care physicians. And it’s found at urgent care centers like MD Now.

No Need to Pay the Price of Emergency Room Cost

Today, emergency room visits cost much more than other ambulatory visits. In addition to the sky-high emergency room cost, emergency room wait times continue to rise, taking an average of four to five hours. And research shows that of the 136 million ER visits each year, up to 65% of percent of visits are deemed unnecessary, so people endure lengthy emergency room wait times and then get denied care. So visiting the emergency room can ultimately be a waste of time, money, or both.

Urgent Care Centers Make Treatment Accessible and Affordable

Over the last decade, urgent care centers like MD Now have become a staple in practically every city and town across the country. In fact, a state cost trends report from Massachusetts has found that the number of retail clinics and urgent care facilities has expanded “dramatically” in the state during the last dozen years, reducing ER utilization almost 30%. They’ve become so popular because they offer extended hours, provide immediate medical relief, welcome walk-ins, and deliver high-quality care at a lower cost than other treatment options. And many have on-site labs and diagnostic equipment, as well as accept all major insurance plans.

Convenient Hours Without an Appointment

While not open round-the-clock like emergency rooms, urgent care centers like MD Now have additional evening and weekend hours. Plus, no appointment is necessary at urgent care centers, so people can come in at a moment’s notice and quickly receive the care they need. This makes urgent care centers like MD Now an enticing alternative to the primary care physician’s inconvenient hours and appointment-only structure.

The Care You Need, When You Need it Most

Urgent care centers usually have only 30- to 60-minute wait times, if any. Compare that to the tedious emergency room wait times or waiting weeks to see a primary care physician. This shows that urgent care centers like MD Now make it possible to receive medical care much faster and easier at times when it’s required more than ever.

The Lower Cost of Greater Convenience

Today, urgent care centers are a fraction of the cost of the emergency room. Plus, special diagnostics are often available at urgent care centers like MD Now, such as X-rays, lab tests, and more. These are usually not available at a primary care physician’s office. And a highly trained staff of physicians and nurses make urgent care centers ideal for common illnesses and everyday accidents.

At urgent care centers, people have more access to excellent care for less money, time and hassle than with emergency rooms and primary care physicians. Your family deserves the best, so treat them to the best choice for care, MD Now.


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