Send Children Back to School with Their First Exams of the Year at MD Now Urgent Care

Florida’s leading urgent care provider gives children a healthy advantage in the classroom.

Before parents start shopping for school supplies and clothes to prepare Florida children for the upcoming school year, they must make sure that their child gets their school physical to review their overall health and receives vaccinations to protect them from a number of preventable diseases.

The most convenient and affordable place to get these medical requirements is at MD Now, Florida’s leading urgent care provider. These medical exams are some of a child’s most important back-to-school necessities because children will not be able to enroll in a Florida school without having a complete medical examination and current vaccinations. To help parents easily and properly prepare their kids for a new school year, MD Now is offering back-to-school vaccinations and discounted school physicals on a walk-in basis at all 26 of its locations in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties.

School Physicals Give Children a Healthy Advantage in the Classroom and Beyond

School physicals can help a child start the school year on a healthy foot. In addition to carefully checking a child’s current health, school physicals can also detect any physical deficiencies that may affect a child’s personal, educational, or social development. This can prevent a child from struggling with issues related to growth, learning, speech, vision, or hearing throughout their lives. By detecting problems early, children can get the treatment they need at the time they’re most responsive to care.

A certified physical examination is required by the state of Florida for every child enrolling in kindergarten, and for children in any grade entering a Florida school for the first time. The physical examination must have been conducted within the 12 months prior to the first day of school and signed by a healthcare provider licensed to perform school physicals.

Vaccinations are a Smart Way to Protect a Child’s Health

Medical experts agree that vaccinations can provide the disease protection our children need and prevent the spread of serious infectious diseases. To keep our community thriving, every student attending a Florida school is required to have the Florida Certification of Immunization completed by a Florida physician or a Florida County Health Department prior to enrolling in a public or private school. A child’s required vaccinations vary by age, which is why parents need to check with their child’s local school and healthcare provider to ensure that their child remains current on the necessary vaccinations.

Parents can get these medical essentials for their children in a stress-free, wait-free way at all 26 MD Now locations throughout Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. Special discounts on school physicals, vaccinations, convenient walk-in service, and the highest-quality medical care are available at all MD Now locations.

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