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Rise in Home Injuries Due to the Pandemic: We’re Here to Help

The pandemic work from home lifestyle has transformed our daily routines. There are some positives to this: we’re spending more time with our families and pursuing hobbies we’ve been neglecting. This is wonderful, but more time at home can also result in a greater chance of having household accidents. 

Injuries at Home vs. Work: Both Are Rising

Injuries at home are happening frequently during the pandemic. Most of these injuries result from activities like cooking, home renovations, gardening or yard work, or other hobbies, such as woodworking. 

When looking at injuries at home vs. work, you might assume that workplace injuries have dropped. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Statistics show that workplace injuries are also on the rise this year. Many of these are likely because of the loss of muscle strength that occurred during the initial periods of lockdown. 

Staying Safe During Lockdown: How to Avoid Injuries at Home

You can’t always avoid accidents, but there are a few things you can do to reduce the risk. This is especially true when it comes to projects that involve power tools or other dangerous equipment. 

1. Check Everything

This is a good time to do a basic safety inspection of your home and any equipment you might be using. Check handles, blades, and electric cables on tools to ensure that there aren’t any loose or damaged parts. Look at high-risk areas of the home, such as staircases. Make sure there aren’t any loose steps, slippery spots, or overhanging rugs someone could trip on. You’re likely using your kitchen more than you usually would, so inspect your range and hood for greasy buildup, blocked vents, or other hazards. 

2. Work Together

If you’ll be working with dangerous equipment in the backyard or garage, be sure to let someone know. Consider bringing a family member out to supervise during any risky activities. People have died after receiving injuries at home because no one was around. Avoid this tragic scenario by holding off on any risky projects until someone can be there to supervise. If you live alone, or you don’t want to wait, make sure your phone is nearby, unlocked, and capable of responding to voice commands. That way, you’ll be able to call for help in case an injury prevents you from dialing. 

3. Stay Fit

As mentioned earlier, the pandemic can result in a loss of physical fitness. Letting yourself go will increase your chance of experiencing accidents at home. A strong core and conditioned legs will help you maintain balance. Having a strong, fit body can also help you recover faster in the event of an injury. If you’re struggling to figure out ways to exercise at home, turn to the Internet. There are free workout classes on YouTube. It’s also possible to schedule virtual personal training sessions via apps. Use water jugs or other heavy household items as weights if needed. This might not replace the fancy equipment at the gym, but it’s better than nothing. 

4. Get Help

You should obviously call emergency services in the event of a severe injury. However, accidents at home can cause injuries that aren’t life threatening, yet still need treatment. If left untreated, these injuries could become dangerous. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 40.9 percent of American adults have avoided getting needed medical care due to fears that they’ll catch COVID-19. While the fear is understandable, it’s crucial to take all factors into consideration. 

For example, if you cut yourself while working with a saw, you might assume it’s safer to attempt to treat the laceration at home. What if the cut becomes infected or heals improperly due to a lack of stitches? You’ll be in a worse situation. 

Urgent care is a great option for a situation like this. Medical professionals know how to follow safety regulations, so as long as you wear a mask and practice social distancing, seeking treatment is the safer option. 

Help for Household Accidents: An Urgent Care Center You Can Count On

As we continue to forge ahead through these difficult times, you need a clinic you can count on. MD Now is here to offer high-quality care. Whether you’re dealing with injuries from accidents at home or anything else, our priority is your health and well-being. We offer COVID-19 evaluations at all locations, and our on-site prescription drug service provides a convenient way to get the medications you need.

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend

All MD Now urgent care locations are open
on Memorial Day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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