OSHA Warns That Manufacturing Employees Suffer the Most Work-Related Injuries

People are all worked up over a new report from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that found that the highest number of workplace injuries were endured by manufacturing workers. OSHA releases this annual report based on data from employers. The report revealed that manufacturing and construction employees experienced 10,388 severe work-related injuries, along with 7,636 hospitalizations and 2,644 amputations.

The Remedy for Better Work-Related Injury Reporting

To encourage responsible reporting of work-related injuries, OSHA enacted its “Rapid Response Investigation” (RRI) system on January 1, 2015. This system requires all employers to notify OSHA about all workplace injuries within a very specific timeframe. These injuries include in-patient hospitalizations, amputations, eye loss, and workplace fatalities. The RRI system was started to encourage employees to detect workplace hazards and improve overall workplace safety. OSHA believes that this system will drive employers to take the necessary actions to identify and eliminate potential injury hazards to prevent similar work-related injuries and accidents.

Before the RRI system, employers were only required to report fatalities and inpatient hospitalizations when three or more employees were involved in an accident. Now, every case must be reported within a strict amount of time.

The Painful Realization That Most Work-Related Injuries are Preventable

According to the report, 26% of hospitalizations and 57% of amputations were endured by manufacturing employees. Construction employees suffered the second-highest number of injuries, with construction workers accounting for 19% of hospitalizations and 10% of amputations. Shockingly and sadly, OSHA found that most of these workplace injuries were completely preventable because the hazards were apparent.

Manufacturing is Aching for Workplace Safety

Clearly, the manufacturing industry is in desperate need of better workplace safety policies and practices. Many workplace injuries can be completely avoided by employers simply implementing special safety features and factors, such as special fall-protection equipment, guarding on dangerous machinery, and prominent markings on pathways. With a few minor measures, employers can protect workers from many of the occupational hazards that they have endured for far too long.

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