One-Stop-Shopping for Your Occupational Medicine Needs

Whether you are an employer or an employee, occupational medicine services can help protect the safety, health and well being of people in your workplace to foster a safe, productive work environment. Occupational medicine focuses on prevention and management of illness, injury or disability related to the workplace so that you and your coworkers are functioning at peak capacity.

If trying to see your regular physician for a work-related check-up does not fit your schedule, visit an urgent care center as a great alternative. For those businesses near the Deerfield Mall in Publix Plaza, the MD Now Urgent Care provides the extensive services you would need to treat non-emergent injuries, as well as receive compliance physicals, pre-employment screenings, and performance evaluations, without the inconvenience of a regular doctor’s visit.

Occupational Medicine Services at MD Now

The majority of occupational medicine services are used as pre-screening tools to help employers in the hiring process or as part of certification programs. Employers can avoid the hassle of these pre-screening steps by encouraging their employees to use a fast, one-stop-shopping center like MD Now in Deerfield Beach. Employees can obtain such tests as:

  • Drug screening
  • Pre-employment physicals
  • DOT physicals
  • Fingerprint background checks

Urgent care centers are also valuable allies in occupational medicine for your current workers. In addition to treating non-emergent primary injuries such as abrasions, cuts, fall injuries and sprains, you can also obtain your annual flu vaccinations. Approximately four to six weeks prior to departure to a foreign location with known disease potential, workers can get the necessary vaccinations their regular physician may not carry, as well as relevant travel information for their area of work.

To learn more about occupational medicine services, please contact our MD Now Urgent Care in Deerfield Beach, or search the website for an MD Now location near you. No appointment is necessary for our fast, quality medical care.