MD Now Urgent Care Presents Healthy Holiday Tips

Seasonal Safety & Health Advice from South Florida’s Urgent Care Leader 

(West Palm Beach, FL) – 12/15/14 – South Florida’s leading urgent care provider, MD Now Urgent Care, knows that holidays can be a daze of hassle, hustle, and bustle that can cause injuries from accidents. From slips and falls while decking halls, to burns when making special meals and heartburn after eating them, there are plenty of holiday hazards that can happen at any time. To prevent this season of joy from becoming a reason for pain, MD Now has made a list of helpful and healthful holiday tips to keep the season safe. But in case the festivities lead to injuries, MD Now is open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., including holidays, to treat any holiday health surprises.

“Since the holidays bring so much more stress and activity than usual, there are simply more opportunities for accidents, injuries, and illnesses to occur,” said Peter Lamelas, M.D., CEO of MD Now Urgent Care.

All MD Now wants for the holidays is for South Florida residents to have a healthy, happy, and safe season by following these simple tips:

  1. Avoid decorating dangers – Decorating is not so pretty when it causes accidents like tripping over decorations, falls from ladders, burns from wires, and injuries from heavy lifting. Since you’re better safe than sore, hire a professional for major tasks and use extra caution in every activity.
  2. Table your season’s eatings – Hefty holiday meals and treats can cause heartburn and indigestion, while poorly prepared food can lead to food poisoning. To avoid this post-meal pain, try to eat slowly, drink wisely, and practice moderation so you can pace yourself for the feasts to follow. And make sure that food is cooked and served properly, and then safely stored away.
  3. Don’t let cooking treats require treatment – Holidays are a time of feasts and treats, which means a higher chance of injuries for the people preparing these foods. Burns from cooking, lacerations from slicing, and falls from serving can make the kitchen too hot to handle. But since meals must be made, try to pre-plan and pre-cook as much as possible to avoid getting hurt.
  4. Stop colds and flu from crashing your party – More holiday get-togethers mean more chances to get colds and flu. The best prevention is protection, so use hand sanitizer frequently, get plenty of rest, and try to keep your distance from people feeling ill.
  5. Prevent joy from causing sadness – Depression rates soar during the holidays. This season of togetherness can evoke loneliness, sadness, and isolation in people who have lost loved ones or just feel alone. Seeking professional help on how to handle the holidays is the best gift to get at this time.

The holidays are meant for spending time with loved ones, not spending time in a hospital ER. That’s why MD Now Urgent Care is open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., including holidays, to keep South Florida healthy during the holidays and every day.

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