MD Now Closing Wounds and Stitching the Gap in Soaring Healthcare Costs

MD Now Urgent Care Closing Wounds and Stitching the Gap in Soaring Hospital Healthcare Costs

MD Now Urgent Care – a leading provider of urgent care services in Florida remains at the forefront of affordable urgent care. According to a December 2, 2013 New York Times article, emergency rooms have become the big moneymakers for most hospitals in the last decade. Minor lacerations are one area where urgent care treatment makes more sense for the majority of individuals.

With rising hospital prices, a simple thread and needle stitch can easily cost $500 or more when the total emergency department bill for a laceration is tallied. One of the biggest reasons people go to the emergency room is for lacerations, especially during holidays like Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving, when hand injuries account for nearly 10 percent of hospital emergency department visits.

Urgent Care physicians provide patients with fast and affordable wound closure when compared with an emergency department visit. MD Now Urgent Care doctors not only use the tried and true methods to close deep cuts, like sutures and staples, but also are using some more innovative and less painful closure methods for minor wounds with Dermabond® glue and Steri-Strips.

Both of these methods hold minor wounds in place while they heal naturally. Before choosing from one of the four most common methods of wound closure, MD Now Urgent Care physicians use an individualized treatment evaluation and then decide between the following:

  • Sutures – often the most preferred method for simple wound repair
  • Staples – oftentimes the most preferred treatment method for scalp lacerations, but may also be recommended for lacerations on extremities such as forearms, thighs and calves
  • Steri-Strips – preferred use in wounds of lesser severity and in areas where scarring may be more noticeable
  • Sterile glue – designed for small lacerations and is used on low-tension areas like foreheads, eyebrows and around the eyes