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How to Breathe Easy Throughout Florida’s Allergy Season

While Florida may avoid the winter freeze felt by the rest of the country, that doesn’t mean that residents can give all seasonal problems the cold shoulder. In fact, the state’s warm climate results in very high levels of pollen, which can lead to severe allergy symptoms. Florida’s year-round warmth means that the state suffers from a prolonged and more powerful allergy season than the rest of the United States. So along with more sun and balmy breezes, Florida residents also face more sneezing, wheezing, and congestion. But when the allergy forecast shows signs of trouble, MD Now has some helpful suggestions for surviving seasonal allergies with ease and with barely a sneeze. And if you’re unsure about whether you are prone to allergy symptoms, MD Now offers quick and convenient allergy testing to prevent any seasonal sneezing surprises.

Different times of the year bring different allergy triggers. For instance, December through May is the season for pine and oak pollen, while grass pollen poses a problem from April through October. But don’t think that people with allergy symptoms must be housebound all year long. It’s possible to enjoy the warm weather throughout the year with the proper planning and protective measures.

Be Proactive to Stay Active

According to allergy specialists, the key to basking in all of Florida’s outdoor glory at any time of year is knowing how to keep allergy symptoms under control both before and during allergy season.

That’s why experts strongly recommend that people go for allergy testing to discover the types of pollen can trigger allergy problems for them. Then, it’s possible to track the current pollen count to minimize exposure and be prepared with the required allergy medicine at high-risk times of the year.

If pollen poses too much of a problem, allergy shots are available and can greatly improve allergy symptoms. Yet there are also allergy medicines on the market that can help you handle allergy season. Experts advise beginning allergy shots or taking allergy medicines before allergy season starts for best results.

Sniff Out Ways to Survive Allergy Season

  1. Try to only take part in outdoor activities when the allergy forecast is favorable, such as in the evening, at times with lower pollen counts, and after it rains.
  2. Always shower after spending time outdoors to remove any residual pollen.
  3. Don’t let clothing or bedding air dry outside.
  4. Have the air conditioning on to continuously filter the air.
  5. Keep allergy medicine on hand to help alleviate allergy symptoms.
  6. Consider allergy shots if your seasonal suffering is severe.

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