Grand Opening February 18: Pembroke Pines Welcomes MD Now

Urgent care facilities are growing every day and MD Now in Pembroke Pines is no exception. With an increasing demand for fast, affordable healthcare, MD Now delivers by opening its new 6,300 square foot facility in Southern Broward County tomorrow, the 18th of February. The new facility exemplifies MD Now’s high-tech approach to the patient care experience with state-of-the-art technology for EKG, digital x-rays and much more.

How Can an Urgent Care Center Help

For many people today, a visit to their regular doctor simply does not fit their schedule and trips to the emergency room are reaching ever deeper into wallets. Visiting an urgent care center, however, is a great blend of accessible health care that doesn’t break your budget.

For any non-emergent medical treatment, an urgent care center like MD Now is there to help. Staffed by a quality team of certified physicians, nurses, and technicians, your neighborhood urgent care center can treat a wide variety of injuries and illnesses, as well as provide routine physical examinations and annual vaccinations. The following lists just a few of the many services an urgent care center, like the one opening in Pembroke Pines can provide you:

  • Lab tests, X-rays
  • Drug tests, pre-employment tests
  • Colds, flu and upper respiratory problems
  • Treatment of minor cuts, burns and bruises
  • Sports injuries and physicals

If you live in South Broward County and need medical treatment, you’ll find most all your medical treatment needs under one roof. Visit us in Pembroke Pines. To learn more about our locations, services or hours of operation please contact MD Now to speak with a member of our healthcare staff.