Fingerprinting in South Florida — No Ink Needed

Governmental agencies, medical universities, and employers looking for basic background information on their employees have previously counted on paper and ink fingerprinting. Advances in scanning technology now make this process much easier. With the proper machines, urgent care centers can now offer electronic fingerprinting, like those fingerprinting services in North Miami Beach and other select MD Now Urgent Care centers.

With the old-fashioned ink system, companies often saw only an 85 to 90 percent accuracy rate in their final reports. Electronic fingerprinting technology, however, is much more dependable. Employers can expect 100 percent accurate results that reach into State and National criminal history databases and give a complete picture of the employee or future employee’s background. Only when the fingerprints cannot be read clearly will the individual be referred out for the traditional card and ink method.

Preparing for Your Visit

Electronic fingerprinting technology was designed with the operator and client in mind to produce swift and sanitary pictures at the highest quality. On average, the process takes just 15 to 20 minutes and bringing the following documents to select MD Now Urgent Care centers that offer fingerprinting will speed the process:

  • ORI Number – the Originating Agency Identification number identifies the department or agency requesting your background check and is required in order for MD Now to submit your fingerprints
  • Valid government issued photo ID
  • Form of payment

Electronic fingerprinting is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to MD Now’s line of occupational medicine services. With convenient 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. hours every day of the week, it is easy for employees and employers alike to find a time for an appointment.

If your employer requires a Level 2 fingerprint background check, please contact one of the MD Now Urgent Care facilities offering fingerprinting services. One of our MD Now Urgent Care centers in West Palm Beach, Miami Beach or Deerfield Beach can arrange a convenient time for your fingerprinting appointment.