Don’t Suffer the High-Priced Insurance Surprise Waiting at the ER

The hospital emergency room is known for long waits and high fees, but many people needing medical care still head to the ER because they think their insurance will cover all of the costs. But crowds of patients and hours of waiting aren’t the only headaches that await you at the ER. People are often shocked to learn that many of the doctors who treat them aren’t employed by the hospital, so these doctors bill the insurance company separately. If the doctor isn’t an in-network provider or can’t come to a financial agreement with the insurance company, it won’t be considered an in-network visit and the patient will be billed the higher out-of-network rates. Adding insult to injury, the patient isn’t aware of the substantially higher fees until they suddenly receive a big bill in the mail. But you don’t have to be a victim of this ER insurance shock. When you or your family suddenly need medical care, head to your nearest MD Now Urgent Care center where the only surprises are fast and friendly treatment, high-quality care, convenient extended hours, and low treatment costs covered by most insurance plans.

An ER Epidemic

While these high ER insurance charges may be an unwelcome surprise, the practice is common in hospitals today. According to recent research published in The New England Journal of Medicine, an average of more than 20% of patients covered by insurance who go to the ER are likely to face this insurance injustice. But the study found huge national variations in this pricey practice, with up to an 89% occurrence in McAllen, Texas, yet no reports in Boulder, Colorado. In addition, there was a wide range of charges, with the average bill coming in at more than $900, and the highest exceeding $19,000.

The problem is that once patients are in the ER, they have little choice over the doctor who treats them. After waiting hours in the ER, they’re just grateful to receive any medical care at all.

And even when a patient follows their insurance guidelines and heads to an in-network hospital, the doctor who treats them may not be in their network because many only have individual contract agreements with the hospital, but not the patient’s insurance company. As a result, the patient receives care with no idea that they’ll soon receive a surprise bill from the doctor.

An Incurable Case of Blame

So who should patients blame for the shockingly high charges? Today, the problem has become a “blame game” among hospitals, doctors, and insurers.

The hospitals say they’re forced to staff outside doctors to handle the volume of patients. Meanwhile, ER doctors blame the insurance companies and say they want to be included in insurance networks, but they aren’t being offered fair fees. And insurance companies like to blame both the doctors and the hospital. Insurers cite how they can often reach in-network agreements with the hospitals, but many doctors refuse to participate in the network offered under a plan. And they also blame the hospitals, arguing that hospitals have a responsibility to ensure that the outside doctors sign contracts with the same insurance plans that they do.

The Remedy for Relief

Yet such an insurance injustice shouldn’t prevent patients from getting the urgent treatment they need. When the hospital ER is the only option, the patient has no choice. But luckily, MD Now provides a cost-efficient alternative for high-quality urgent care. As a result, millions of patients are now heading to MD Now for fast, convenient, affordable care for life’s little emergencies.

According to industry experts, a visit to MD Now costs only a fraction of the cost of a visit to the ER. But even though the cost is much less, the quality of the treatment is just as high as the hospital’s. And instead of surprising bills, MD Now surprises patients with the many benefits offered, including:

  • 26 convenient locations throughout Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties.
  • Adults and children welcome.
  • No appointment necessary.
  • Typical visits take under an hour—including both waiting and treatment time.
  • Licensed doctors always on-site.
  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment.
  • All major insurance plans are accepted.
  • Discounted self-pay rates are available.
  • Certified and accredited care. 

Let MD Now save you from the shocking insurance injustice occurring in ERs today and provide your entire family with a healthy healthcare alternative.

MD Now Is Your Source for the Highest-Quality Care

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